Sporting red and white, pancakes with maple syrup: How Canadians in UAE will mark their National Day – News

The community will come together, showcasing their cultural heritage and promoting a sense of togetherness for all

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Published: Fri Jun 30, 2023 5:24 pm

With joy and pride, Canadians living in the United Arab Emirates will celebrate Canada’s National Day with great enthusiasm on July 1st. The Canadian community will come together, mark their homeland’s historic day, showcase their cultural heritage and promote a sense of togetherness for all.

“Canadian National Day is not just a celebration reserved only for Canadians, it is a time for all people to come together and appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of Canadian culture. Canadians are very proud that our country respects diversity. This respect opens our hearts and minds to people from all walks of life,” said Leanne Walper, Marketing and Communications Manager at Canadian University Dubai.

Celebrations begin early with Canada’s national anthem, “O Canada,” recited in their homes. Afterwards, families and friends make their way to Canadian restaurants or at home for breakfast. “We’ll then head to authentic Canadian restaurants for our staple breakfast — maple syrup pancakes,” Walper said.

The Canadian community unites through various events organized by the Canadian Business Council and other associations. “These gatherings provide a platform for Canadians and individuals from diverse backgrounds to connect and engage in conversation. From casual lunches and dinners to lively music concerts and festivals, they’re celebrations of togetherness and joy,” Walper said.

The Consul General of Canada also plays an important role in hosting Canada’s National Day events, bringing Canadians and friends of Canada together to celebrate the occasion.

For Michal Gagne, it’s all about the bond with his compatriots. “This is my second National Day celebration. “Last year I met a lot of Canadians and was surprised by the turnout at a university event,” says Gagne, a finance expert.

“Although we are far from our homeland, we feel connected and proud of the strong Canadian community here. It’s wonderful to see everyone coming together to celebrate our heritage,” said Gagne.

“The proud sight of our flag atop this remarkable landmark of the Burj Khalifa fills us with great pride and gratitude and reminds us of the strong ties that bind us across continents,” added Gagne.

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