Sports betting in Ohio: When it will be legalized, how to bet online, places to find picks, signup promos

Sports betting is about to become legal in the great state of Ohio. After a long wait and grueling process, Ohio sportsbook will open to the public on January 1, 2023. As the state legislature finalizes regulations and operators apply for licenses, Buckeye state sports fans are counting down the days until the new year. Once mobile sports betting is legal in Ohio, not only will casinos and racetracks be able to accept bets, but Ohio residents will be able to place bets online and from their cell phones. Customers can wager on Ohio sportsbooks from the comfort of their own homes, and operators can take bets from anywhere in the state with an internet connection.

Once the Ohio sportsbook goes live, there will be plenty of fascinating sportsbook promo codes with significant welcome offers. Sports fans in Buckeye state are passionate about their teams, so there is no doubt that legal mobile sports betting in Ohio will be a huge hit. It can be daunting for new sports players, so SportsLine is here to help you better understand sports betting terminology. Below are some sports betting terms and what they mean from our friends at SportsLine.

How to bet on sports in Ohio when legalized

There are several ways you can place sports bets both online and in retail sportsbooks, as well as numerous bet types that you should become familiar with. Here are some common sports betting terms:

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Bankroll: A bankroll is a designated pot of money that a sports bettor sets as a limit on the amount of money they are willing to wager. It is important to set this limit before you start playing so you never lose too much. Allow for a small percentage of your total bankroll for each bet so you don’t lose it all at once and play long term. This set quantity is referred to as your one-size-fits-all.

Bookmaker: A bookmaker is a person or group licensed by a state to accept sports betting. Sportsbooks are then free to offer betting on a variety of sports at their discretion, as long as it is permitted by state law. Each state has a different registration process, number of licensed operators, and how licenses can be used. Some states also have restrictions on college sports, props, and futures, making the bookmaker’s job even more difficult. These licensing requirements put a strain on the bookmaker to follow the rules to continue accepting bets in the state.

Limit: An example of a law or restriction on sports betting is limits. Limits can include maximum bets by a single player, the number of bets placed at one time, the number of bets placed on a match and the number of live bets accepted. Many people never need to worry about limits on their bets unless they are betting large amounts of money. It is always up to the bookmaker to only accept legitimate bets and maintain their legal status in the state by complying with these limits.

Where to find the best tips for sports betting in Ohio

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SportsLine offers betting advice on the four major professional sports, college sports, golf, tennis, soccer, martial arts, horse racing, auto racing and more. It is a trusted resource for sports bettors around the world. You can sign up here to enjoy all of the sports betting and fantasy sports advice that SportsLine has to offer.

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