Steelers’ Mike Tomlin, with help from Najee Harris, turns kids’ street fight into a positive, creates lifelong memories

The Steelers’ Mike Tomlin is known as a player-coach, but he’s also a man of the people.

According to NFL insider Jay Glazer, Tomlin spotted a group of kids fighting on the road while driving in the Pittsburgh area. The second-longest-serving coach in the NFL pulled up, got out of the car, and defused the fight (just by awe-inspiring the kids, according to Glazer).

Tomlin then reportedly spent the next few hours with the children.

He then went one step further and invited them to practice as the team’s guests on Thursday. This is the result of this simply wonderful video.

Najee Harris coached the kids in ladder drills, which the youth clearly enjoyed (it’s fair to say Harris has the running back as her favorite player). Better yet, Tomlin legitimately coached them through the exercises and told them to keep their eyes peeled.

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As Harris zoomed up the ladder through an icky shuffle, Tomlin showed mercy and said the kids could look down for this part of the exercise.

Harris also seemed to be having a lot of fun, even breaking it off with them after practice.

Tomlin also noted that a boy named “Meatballs” went missing.

The hits really keep coming.

According to the Bleacher Report, the children were from the Jasmine Nyree campus in Pittsburgh.

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On the field, Tomlin is preparing for Week 2 of preseason against the Jaguars on Saturday. Pittsburgh is trying to figure out its quarterback situation as Mitchell Trubisky competes with Kenny Pickett. This time with the kids was probably a nice respite for Tomlin, who seems to have had the time of his life creating memories for these kids to last a lifetime.

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