Sumo Haru Basho: Results, highlights, how to watch

The Grand Tournament of Sumo 2023 is rolling this weekend with the Haru Basho (Spring or March Tournament), which will be held from March 12 to 26 at Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium in Osaka.

Bloody Elbow is your home for all the news, highlights and updates as this year’s roster competes for the first time to try to hold or improve on their place banzuke (Ranking document).

You can stream this tournament both live and on-demand via NHK World. This can be done on their website through your web browser or the NHK World app on Apple and Android products. The live shows are at 4:10 p.m. ET. Highlights are often shown at 00:30 and are then available on demand.

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Banzuke (pre-tournament ranking):

Haru Banzuke

Terunofuji (MON) YOKOZUNA
OZEKI Takakeeisho (JPN)
Wakatakakage (JPN) SEKIWAKE Hoshoryu (MON)
Kiribyama (MO) SEKIWAKE
Wakamotoharu (JPN) KOMUSUBI Kotonowaka (JPN)
Daieisho (JPN) KOMUSUBI Tobizaru (JPN)
Tamawashi (MO) #1 Shodai (JPN)
Graduate (JPN) #2 Ryuden (JPN)
Mitakeumi (JPN) #3 Nishikifuji (JPN)
Onosho (JPN) #4 Meisei (JPN)
Kotoshoho (JPN) #5 Midorifuji (JPN)
Endo (JPN) #6 Sadanoumi (JPN)
Hokutofuji (JPN) #7 Takayasu (JPN)
Ichiyamamoto (JPN) #8th Ura (JPN)
Aoiyama (BUL) #9 Hiradoumi (JPN)
Myogiryu (JPN) #10 Nishikigi (JPN)
Azumaryu (MON) #11 Takanosho (JPN)
Kagayaki (JPN) #12 Takarafuji (JPN)
Daishoho (MON) #13 Kotoeko (JPN)
Kinbozan (KAZ) #14 Bushozan (JPN)
Hokuseiho (JPN) #15 Oho (JPN)
Chiyoshima (MON) #16 Tsurugisho (JPN)
Mitoryu (MON) #17

note: This article only covers the results of the makuuchi division. Results for all divisions can be found Here.

day 1

Complete results

  • Asanoyama (J1, 1-0) defeated. Mitoryu (M17, 0-1) via Yorikiri (Frontal Force Out)
  • Tsurugisho (M16, 1-0) defeated. Choyoshoma (M16, 0-1) via Shitatedashinage (pulling forearm throw)
  • Hokuseiho (M15, 1-0) defeated. Oho (M15, 0-1) via Yorikiri (Frontal Force Out)*
  • Kinbozan (M14, 1-0) defeated. Bushozan (M14, 0-1) via Okuridashi (back ejection)
  • Daishoho (M13, 1-0) defeated. Kotoeko (M13, 0-1) via Yorikiri (Frontal Force Out)
  • Takarafuji (M12, 1-0) defeated. Kagayaki (M12, 0-1) via oshidashi (frontal burst)*
  • Takanosho (M11, 1-0) defeated. Azumaryu (M11, 0-1) via oshidashi (frontal burst)
  • Nishikifuji (M10, 1-0) defeated. Myogiryu (M10, 0-1) via oshidashi (frontal burst)
  • Aoiyama (M9, 1-0) defeated. Hiradoumi (M9, 0-1) via Kotenage (arm lock throw)
  • Ura (M8, 1-0) defeated. Ichyamamoto (M8, 0-1) via Hatakikomi (swatter)*
  • Takayasu (M7, 1-0) defeated. Hokutofuji (M7, 0-1) via oshidashi (frontal burst)
  • Endo (M6, 1:0) def. Sadanoumi (M6, 0-1) via oshidashi (frontal burst)
  • defeated Midorifuji (M5, 1-0). Kotoshoho (M5, 0-1) via oshidashi (frontal burst)
  • Onosho (M4, 1-0) defeated. Meisei (M4, 0-1) via oshidashi (frontal burst)
  • Daieisho (K, 1-0) defeated. Nishikigi (M3, 0-1) via oshidashi (frontal burst)
  • Kotonowaka (K, 1-0) defeated. Mitakeumi (M3, 0-1) via Yorikiri (Frontal Force Out)
  • Wakamotoharu (K, 1-0) defeated. Ryuden (M3, 0-1) via Yorikiri (Frontal Force Out)
  • Kiribyama (W, 1-0) defeated. Abi (M2, 0-1) via oshidashi (frontal outward push)*
  • Shodai (M1, 1-0) defeated. Hoshoryu (S, 0-1) via oshidashi (frontal burst)*
  • Tamawashi (M1, 1-0) defeated. Wakatakakage (S, 0-1) via tsukiotoshi (push down)*
  • Tobizaru (K, 1-0) defeated. Takakeisho (O, 0-1) via Hatakikomi (Clap)*

*Fights must be seen!

Fast analysis

This tournament was all about ozeki Takakeisho, and the first day ended in a slap-down loss to Tobizaru. Tobizaru rode out Takakeisho’s thrust attack and used the ozeki’s momentum against him for the hatakikomi. A shocking start for the man who had hoped to finally achieve the rank of yokozuna this basho. Another surprise was Shodai’s dispatch of Hoshoryu (who may have been injured since January). Hakuho protégé Hokuseiho was greeted in the top division with a stiff arm at Oho’s throat, but he rallied and claimed his first win. Strike of the day for me is Tamawashi’s victory over Wakatakakakge. The timeless wonder began with his patented attacks to the throat, but the athletic sekiwake managed to sidestep them, almost sending Tamawashi out of the ring. Tamawashi, however, displayed deft footwork to stay in, strength to withstand the onslaught that followed, and then cunning to turn Wakatakakakge and send him out just before he fell out of the ring himself.

Day 2 results

Results to follow…

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