Supergirl Shows How To Be A True Hero in New DC Fanart

Supergirl is one of the mightiest heroes in all of DC Comics, and her determination and strength are on full display in a new piece of fanart!

In the wide world of DC Comics, Superman’s long-lost cousin, super girl, is one of the most powerful beings on the planet, if not the universe. And now, in new fanart, Supergirl proves that she will stop at nothing to save those she is sworn to protect, showing what it takes to be one of the greatest heroes ever!

Recently posted on Twitter by @SkyePatridgeSkylar Patridge is a comics artist and creator who has worked on a handful of items from industry giants like Marvel, Dark Horse, DC Comics, and others, always killing them with her signature art style, which she describes as “moody” and “emotional.” describes -calculates.” Skylar is a creative talent that’s worth keeping an eye on, constantly sharing images from her various professional projects alongside some original artwork that includes fanart, especially after capturing this epic Supergirl- illustration has seen!


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One of the few other Kryptonians to survive Krypton’s complete and total destruction, Kara Zor-El has long been an integral part of the Superman family, dating back to the late 1950s. Having changed her story more than once over the years thanks to a series of crisis-level events, one thing that has remained constant about Supergirl’s characterization is her determination and dedication to be the best hero she can be, their brief grapple with it, despite the angry Red Lanterns.

Her fanart image, titled Weight of the World, immediately shows why Skylar is perfectly suited to drawing Supergirl in the future, and shows Kara in her element as she uses her immense strength to hold up a building, that is collapsing around her. Playing with the verticality and sense of scale that Supergirl’s grand quest requires, Skylar depicts Kara struggling to balance the crushing weight of the building on her back while no doubt waiting for any remaining innocent civilians to make the area safe leaving. Crouched low, her face obscured by her blonde hair, Supergirl’s costume is drawn as if it’s been ripped to shreds, possibly portending a larger fight that Kara is just cleaning up, or at least showing her ragged and torn uniform at the end of one particularly hard day as a superhero around the world.

Skylar hammers out Supergirl’s desperate plight as the building above her cracks and falls apart, perfectly capturing the heroic spirit of Kara. She shows that she will never give up helping people while she still stands and solidifies what it means to be a true hero in a situation that not many would emerge from. super girl has accomplished much in her tenure at DC Comics, and this fanart piece adds another accomplishment to her ever-growing list of smash hits!

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