Syphon Filter: How To Save

Siphon Filter is a PS1 classic playable on PS Plus Premium, but how do you save game progress?

After the success of games like 007 Gold Eye and solid metal gears, Putting players in the shoes of a super spy, with mechanics that favor stealth and careful planning over running and shooting, siphon filter launched exclusively for the PS1, which focuses equally on stealth and action. The 1999 classic deserves its place in history as one of the best in the genre along with splinter group and metal gears.

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siphon filter was created by the same team that worked on Last days, and thanks to PlayStation Plus Premium, players can recreate this classic on their PS4 and PS4. Its control system is a bit antiquated by today’s standards and takes some getting used to, but it’s a solid game with good production values ​​for its time and a good early look at the stealth genre when it was at its peak in the late ’90s and early ’00s.


How to save in the siphon filter

Saving the game on PS1

On the original PlayStation, saved games relied on the player having a working memory card inserted into the slot. Lots of games incl siphon filter, would only save the game after completing a level or mission. siphon filter could be as well unforgiving on the original platform as the Checkpoint system did not implement the system’s memory card. So if you’re playing on the PS1, you’ll have to rely on the game’s built-in save system at the end of each level.

Saving the game on PS4/PS5

Like all PlayStation Plus PS1 games running PS4 and PS5, siphon filter relies on emulation to make the game work. This comes with certain advantages, such as changing the aspect ratio in the settings, a rewind system and of course the ability to save anywhere in the game. The game is automatically saved at the end of each mission. However, in order to save the game somewhere during the mission, one must use the following instructions:

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Press the option button on the PlayStation controller.

  • The screen has the following options: Rewind Game, Load & Save and Settings.
  • Choose Load & Save Possibility.
  • This menu allows players to save the game in up to six different save slots.
  • Choose Create new storage, and the game saves the player’s exact point in the mission.

Save on the PS1 Classic

siphon filter is one of the included games on the PS1 Classic console. It uses a similar storage system as the original PS1 by relying on a memory card block system. Although the mini console uses emulation, it doesn’t have the same features as the PS4/PS5. However, resetting or turning it off at any point in the game does mean The PS1 Classic automatically saves the player’s progress. This means that you can simply continue your progress Choosing the resume point possibility below siphon filter title on the selection wheel.

siphon filter is now available on PS1, PS1 Classic Mini Console, PS4 and PS5 via PlayStation Plus Premium.

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