Take a Look at Some of the Best Super Bowl Ads Ahead of the Big Game

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston appear in a PopCorners Super Bowl commercial
PopCorners website/screenshot

  • Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul return as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in one of the highly anticipated Super Bowl commercials.
  • Maya Rudolph lets us know that her face will now be part of M&M’s iconic candy.
  • Rock ‘n’ roll icons “off to the office” in a leather-bound commercial by HR firm Workday.

Some of the most spectacular commercials of the year will premiere on Sunday during the Super Bowl when companies compete for the public and social media attention with celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart.

The Super Bowl has long been a sort of, well, Super Bowl for advertisers who push companies to get bigger every year. Stars including Bryan Cranston, Danny McBride, Will Ferrell and others are poised to appear in commercials during Sunday’s game.

Some advertisers early on released what appeared to be complete Super Bowl commercials and posted them on social media and YouTube. Here’s a look at some of the biggest speakers expected during the Philadelphia Eagles-Kansas City Chiefs encounter.

Willie Nelson stole Snoop Dogg’s lighter

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Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart star in a Bic commercial in which the trio argue over a lighter. Nelson appears to have “borrowed” a candle from Stewart and a lighter from Snoop. Nelson boasts about the lighter keeping his hands off the flame while he uses it to light the candle, then Snoop grumbles that he needs it back…probably for something else.

Iconic “Cooks” grocery store with DoorDash

Hulu’s The Bear’s Matty Matheson, Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon The Chef, and Nickelodeon’s animated Tiny Chef all tout DoorDash’s values ​​of making grocery shopping easier.

Workday brings in rock legends to promote its HR platform

Ozzy Osbourne, Joan Jett and Paul Stanley headline a leather-covered commercial for the staffing company Workday. The commercial pokes fun at corporate “rock stars” by inserting real-life rock and heavy metal icons into everyday office situations.

Diddy makes hits

A commercial released this week shows musician Diddy meeting with Uber marketers, who are asking him to write a song for the Uber One membership service. A rep for the rapper tells marketers, “Diddy doesn’t make jingles,” but he makes “hits” — then the artist produces a song in a cameo sequence.

A Hamm and Brie – and Pete Davidson – sandwich

Actors John Hamm and Brie Larson star in a Hellman’s Mayonnaise commercial that pokes fun at the two stars’ names. There’s also a surprise appearance from Saturday Night Live alum Pete Davidson because, as Hamm puts it, “he’s really everywhere.”

Maya Rudolph is the new M&M’s mascot

M&M’s announced that it would appear to be replacing its iconic candy mascot with actress Maya Rudolph a legitimate press release on Twitter last month, after conservative media blasted Mars Inc. for changing its longtime “spokes” candidates. Now the brand, which appears to have changed its name to Ma&Ya’s, has released a commercial in which Rudolph announces that her face will grace the wrappers of one of America’s favorite candies.

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Walter White and Jesse Pinkman return to cook something

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul sell — and cook — chips in a new PopCorners commercial. The spot brings back a small cast of characters from Breaking Bad, all obsessed with the quality of a bag of corn chips.

Downy McBride, Will Ferrell and the roast from Mr. Peanut

Several other commercials will be aired during the Big Game Sunday, including a Netflix and GM commercial starring Will Ferrell, a Downy commercial in which Danny McBride becomes “Downy McBride”, and Mr. Peanut’s Roast, helmed by comedian Jeff Ross is moderated.

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