Tales of the Walking Dead: The Best Animals in the TWD Universe

Joe finally decides on a name for the lamb: Skipper. It’s cute enough without an explanation; but when you find out that Joe Skipper named Gilligan in honor of his late Doberman Pinscher? It’s even cuter. Skipper may be the polar opposite of Gilly the dog, but she’s no less important in Evie’s life. While Gilly died defending her owner from strays, Skipper will eventually provide milk and cheese to her new family, making her just as useful, if not more so, in the long run. You can’t fight if you have nothing to eat, and cheese-snob survivors will go crazy for a buttery manchego, a spicy Roquefort, or a salty, crumbly feta.

Tabitha the Goat - The Walking Dead _ Season 6 Episode 4 - Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Tabitha the goat

When Morgan trips over Eastman’s cabin the Walking Dead In Season 6’s “Here’s Not Here,” he doesn’t follow a trail of smoke and sees no working carousel or scarecrow. What brings Morgan (Lennie James) to the present of civilization is a domesticated goat hanging out near a cabin. This cute brown goat is Tabitha, and like any other goat, she looks extremely huggable.

Not only is Tabitha a companion animal (and zombie alert) for Eastman (John Carroll Lynch, who successfully plays against guys), she’s also an important tool in Morgan’s recovery. By caring for Tabitha, Morgan is able to put his trauma aside and focus on the needs of another living, breathing being. She is also Eastman’s key to a lifetime of Chèvre. Unfortunately, Tabitha’s time on the show is short-lived as she is attacked and eaten by zombies despite Eastman and Morgan’s best security measures. She is buried in pride of place next to her owner Eastman, who reunites the owner and wannabe cheesemonger with his beloved pet goat.

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Carl meets a deer in Season 2 of The Walking Dead

Carl’s deer

One of the crucial pieces of the Walking DeadThe second season of takes place in the very first episode “What Lies Ahead”. In this episode, Carl (Chandler Riggs) goes with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Shane (Jon Bernthal) in search of Sophia (Madison Lintz) after she is separated from the group during the chaos of a walker herd attack. They are unsuccessful in finding Sophia, but they do spy on a buck wandering through the woods. Shane is about to shoot it, but Rick stops him and allows Carl to get close to the deer almost to the point where he touches it.

A beautiful, majestic creature, hale and hearty, the stag is a sign of nature’s ability to repair itself in just a few months without human intervention. Then, unfortunately, people intervene, and a gunshot not only injures Carl badly, but also kills the buck. Technically it’s the other way around as poor Otis (Pruitt Taylor Vince) tried to shoot the deer and didn’t even see Carl, but Carl is recovering and unfortunately the deer isn’t. Carl’s deer follows the path of the deer in Season 1’s Tell It to the Frogs and the horrible CGI deer from Say Yes and the better CGI/stuffed deer from the Season 10 premiere Lines We Cross.

Violet the pig in The Walking Dead

Violet the pig

Poor Carl has the worst luck with animals. First he is shot while admiring a deer. And then, while he’s living in prison in the Season 3 opener, “30 Days Without an Accident,” his pet pig dies. Violet had been raised by Carl from a piglet, and despite being a feed animal, Carl was still close enough to the pig to give her a name and notice changes in her personality. Violet misbehaves and Rick unhelpfully admits that he doesn’t know why the pig is sick. He tells Carl to give her a wide berth until she gets better. She never feels better.

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