Teamfight Tactics Best Items

At first glance, the number of items you can craft in Teamfight Tactics can seem overwhelming. There are so many combinations that learning all the combinations is a significant hurdle if you are new to the game. And these articles are not all equally good. Some have incredible game-distorting effects, while others are rarely useful (check out Banshee’s Claw).

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The strength of an item in Teamfight Tactics obviously depends a lot on the situation. Still, some consistently outperform the others. Here are some of the best items to build in your next game.


10 bloodthirster

The Bloodthirster, crafted by combining a BF Sword and Negatron Cloak, is a healing item. It allows the equipped champion to heal for 25 percent of damage dealt, and once per fight gives a 25 percent maximum health shield when the champion drops to 40 percent health.

It doesn’t take much thought to realize just how powerful this item is on carry champions, especially those who rely on attack damage. Because the longer your carry survives, the more damage they do. And a champion equipped with the Bloodthirster can heal themselves through a really shocking amount of damage.

9 Archangel’s Staff

Created by combining an unnecessarily large staff and a Tear of the Goddess, the Archangel’s Staff is the ideal item for champions who use their damaging abilities to deal damage. It grants the equipped champion 20 ability power every five seconds of combat, which can turn otherwise mediocre champions into fully armed and operational battlestations if the fight lasts long enough.

The only difficulty with Archangel’s Staff is that mage comps rely on reaching five-cost champions to achieve their full effect. However, if you succeed, your opponents will tremble at your might.

8th Spear of Shojin

Like the Archangel’s Staff, the Spear of Shojin is primarily used in ability power combinations. It grants eight additional mana each time your champion attacks, allowing them to use their abilities more often. Unfortunately, while mage comps are currently some of the strongest in the game, attack power comps are more accessible and more of them are viable.

However, you can also use Spear of Shojin on standalone champions like Bard. This level of versatility is extremely valuable in Teamfight Tactics. If you have an extra Tear of the Goddess and a BF Sword on your bench, building a Spears of Shojin is often a worthy investment.

7 blackberry vest

For an item created simply by joining two chain vests together, the bramble vest is surprisingly intricate. If the champion holding it is hit by an attack, it deals damage to all surrounding enemies. More importantly, it reduces bonus damage from critical hits by 75 percent.

Bramble Vest is a solid defensive item in many scenarios, but it reaches new heights when multiple of your opponents are running assassins that rely on critical hits for most of their damage. Slamming a bramble vest on your tank can basically make them nearly invincible against these comps.

6 Warmog’s armor

The Warmog Armor is one of the simpler items in the game. Combine two champion belts and gain 1,000 additional health. This boost is powerful in the early game, where it can more than double your champion’s base health.

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The item drops off significantly as your champions level up, but an extra 1,000 health can still mean the difference between your tank surviving long enough to protect your carry or your carry getting killed before it can dish out the damage. In other words, the difference between victory and defeat.

5 Frozen heart

Sometimes you just want your opponents to relax. Consisting of a Tear of the Goddess and a Mail Vest, the Frozen Heart does just that, slowing the attack speed of champions within two squares by 25 percent.

You can place it on a tank champion and slow down your opponent’s front line, allowing your champion to survive longer. Or you can give it to an assassin. They jump to the back row, which triggers the Frozen Heart effect on your opponent’s carry champions, many of which rely on attack speed to deal damage. If positioned correctly, your assassin can also apply the aura to the enemy front line, forcing his entire team to take a chill pill.

4 Sunfire Cloak

If you put together a Giant Belt and Chain Vest, you’ll get a premium anti-healing item: the Sunfire Cloak. It gives 300 health and creates an aura that affects all enemies within two squares. The aura burns enemy champions for 10 seconds with 10% of their maximum health as true damage and reduces healing effects applied to them by 50%.

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You can use it in the same way as the Frozen Heart, against either a Vanguard or an Assassin. However, the Sunfire Cape can be more valuable on tanks, since enemy frontline champions have more health and armor to chew through the true damage, and the heal prevention allows you to get past them even more easily.

3 Guinsoo’s Rageblade

Guinsoo’s Rageblade is arguably the best offensive item in the game. It increases your champion’s attack speed by six percent with each attack and scales exponentially. With so many metacoms relying on auto attack champions as carriers, more attack speed means more damage. And if you equip the same champion with a Bloodthirster, that means more healing too.

If you have a front line strong enough to give your carry enough time to ramp up, they’ll quickly pick up ridiculous speed and deal just as ridiculous damage.

2 Quicksilver Sash

Is your carry champion constantly being stunned by enemy abilities? Do you want it Not happen? Enter the Quicksilver Sash. For the first 15 seconds of combat, the champion wearing this item is immune to crowd control. On top of that, it adds 20 percent extra attack speed, which is great against attack damage carriers like Xayah or Corki.

Quicksilver Sash isn’t as good in the early game when crowd control abilities are less common, but late game having your carry champion avoid crowd control can be crucial. While it’s not necessarily the most powerful element in every scenario, there are very few situations where it isn’t useful.

1 Tactician’s Crown

If you ever find yourself with two spatulas on your bench, you might be tempted to keep them and create two different class emblems. What you should do instead is beat them up and get yourself a Tactician Crown, which increases your unit cap by one. Despite all the benefits the other items can offer, there are few things in Teamfight Tactics more powerful than fielding an extra unit.

You can build synergies that wouldn’t normally be possible, or simply add a standalone, powerful unit like Bard. There will be times when completing a specific Emblem is crucial to your composition, but most of the time building a Tactician Crown is more valuable. There’s simply no item that changes the course of a game more than it does.

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