Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 1 review, recap: Rating heartwarming debut of Apple TV show

Ted Lasso returned to Apple TV on March 15 for what will likely be the final season, debuting the first episode of season three.

Jason Sudeikis reprized his role as the lovable but tormented manager of fictional club AFC Richmond, surrounded by popular supporting characters Roy Kent, Coach Beard, Jamie Tartt and the rest of the award-winning cast.

Nathan Shelley has started his new roleundoubtedly a major plot point throughout the upcoming season while AFC Richmond owner Rebecca keeps fighting with the free rent, former club owner and ex-husband Rupert enjoys her brains. Quiet, Rebecca’s friendship with Keeley Jones stays a breath of fresh air.

The Sporting News will review each episode as the show progresses through the final act of its main story.

SPOILER WARNING: Below is The Sporting News’ in-depth review of Season 3, Episode 1 by Ted Lasso on Apple TV, which means there will be spoilers. If you plan to see the show Check out the full Season 3 schedule instead.

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Season 3 Episode 1 Review and Summary

*** Spoiler Alert ***

  • Release date: Wed, March 15
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score: 100% (2 critic ratings)
  • Rating sports news: 7/10

Synopsis for episode 1

The episode begins with Ted saying goodbye to his son at the airport, who is visiting the UK. Ted is clearly heartbroken at having to separate and hurt by the enduring pain of his separation from his wife, but builds a front with Dr. Fieldstone, with whom he continues to have telephone meetings.

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AFC Richmond players and executives preparing for promotion back to the Premier League are angered that the media is collectively predicting the club will end up bottom of the table. Rebecca allows her residual hatred for West Ham’s new owner, Rupert, to cloud her judgment and asks Ted to take offense at the predictions.

Ted takes the distracted squad into the London sewers for a lesson on how to let negative “poopay” wash away and not let it bring them down. New West Ham manager Nathan Shelley begins life at the Hammers under Rupert and shows his evil side on the ground.

Nathan attacks Ted in his first press conference, much to Rupert’s delight, but Ted responds with his trademark friendliness, reminding Rebecca of his unflappable nature when Keeley advises her to “let Ted be Ted.” Rupert buys Nathan a new car, which feels like an introduction to rising expectations, while Roy and Keeley tell young Phoebe they’re breaking up because they’re “too busy.”

Episode 1 recap

The episode’s first two minutes were a picturesque conglomeration of heartbreaking inner pain and hilarious banter that the show is known for.

Ted Lasso is a pretty good dad, but his walls with Dr. Fieldstone are still very high, and “I’m fine” is perhaps the episode’s most painful line, which he repeats over and over to devastating effect. The ending was just as heartbreakingAnd we feel Ted’s family struggles with himespecially those of us who have suffered similar pains.

Nate’s heel turn is complete, and it’s clear he’s still obsessed with his public image. They overdid it a bit, but that was clearly a feature, not a bug, there it all collapsed in conversation with Rupert and subsequent press conference. But remember, it’s just poopay, so let it flow. As always, this show is filled with reminders that killing someone with kindness is a powerful tool.

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The season opener It lacked an overwhelming amount of cliffhanging drama that others have featured in the past, but this isn’t Last of Us.

The The drama in Roy and Keeley’s split felt forced, and made otherwise emotionally intelligent people seem a little…silly, especially when they were essentially being tutored by a child. The dragged the episode down a bitbut the show’s charm and life lessons still carry the load to a large extent.

And no, we don’t talk about that dr Fieldstone’s incredible joke at the beginning of the showbut we Are will acknowledge it almost made me fall off my chair.

Ted Lasso season 3 episode schedule

For each episode, click the link in the table below to find that week’s individual episode recaps.

(In total)
title Rotten tomatoes
Sporting News
1 (23) March 15, 2023 “Smells Like Common Ghost” 100% (2 reviews) 7/10
2 (24) March 22, 2023 “(I don’t want to go to) Chelsea” open open
3 (25) March 29, 2023 “36986” open open
4 (26) April 5, 2023 “Big Week” open open
5 (27) April 12, 2023 “Sign” open open
6 (28) April 19, 2023 “Any disadvantage
has its advantage”
open open
7 (29) April 26, 2023 “olas” open open
8 (30) May 3, 2023 “We will never have Paris” open open
9 (31) May 10, 2023 “The Omission Wear” open open
10 (32) May 17, 2023 TBA open open
11 (33) May 24, 2023 TBA open open
12 (34) May 31, 2023 TBA open open

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