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Two years after redefining its brand with a new platform and social promise, Telus uses its iconic cute animals in a new, evergreen campaign that’s all about making Canadians feel a little better.

The campaign, dubbed “Critter Comforts,” is based on insights from the telecom company’s own research, which found that 80% of Canadians surveyed feel happier after watching animal videos, and 63% of them felt an improvement in their mood from watching animal content on the internet. This survey was prompted by a previous study that showed surprising health benefits from just 30 minutes of viewing pictures and videos of cute animals, including positive effects on blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety. Armed with this data, Telus has developed a video playlist for YouTube and its own optics TV service, using the power of its animals to spread joy.

“This campaign is a clear example of Telus’ goal in action of not only raising awareness of the positive impact animals have on the well-being of Canadians, but also of everything Telus is doing to support animal-centric community projects across the country” , explains Lisa Mack, vice president of brand marketing at the telecommunications company. “There was a clear, unique opportunity for Telus to help bring joy to Canadians simply by leveraging our brand and delivering more of the content they crave.”

Featuring light music and adorable animals, “Critter Comforts” invites Canadians to take a moment to relax – and for every view of the playlist, Telus will donate $1 through its Friendly Future Foundation, up to a maximum of $100,000 , to charities across Canada that focus on service animal support, wildlife rehabilitation and animal therapy, says Mack. Beneficiaries include Pacific Assistance Dogs Society, Hope for Wildlife and Canine Opportunity, People Empowerment.

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It’s a renewed nod to the brand’s popular mascots, which were particularly absent from the last ESG-focused campaign.

The playlist derives from other efforts at the telco — since 2018, it has donated $1 million through the Friendly Future Foundation and its community boards to charities “that promote human-animal connection,” she notes. It also follows the regional launch of Telus Health MyPet, a virtual veterinary care platform the company is rolling out across the country after its initial launch in BC last year. The platform will launch in Ontario in April.

“Telus Health MyPet offers pet owners a virtual veterinary care platform where qualified local veterinarians care for dogs and cats for a range of health conditions through an easy-to-use smartphone app that is free to download. It was primarily designed to support pet owners who live in urban/remote areas and have limited access to veterinary care or whose pets are not easily transported in vehicles,” explains Mack. “The service has also helped ease the burden on veterinary clinics for emergencies by rerouting non-emergency situations.”

Though the fundraising component of the campaign only runs through the end of March, Mack says the playlist will be ongoing, with support for social media, content marketing, influencers, earned media, and sponsored content. Activations are planned over the course of 2023.


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