‘Tennis Wasn’t a Real Sport..’- Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Embarrasses Himself With a Brutal Sporting Admission

To say that Alexis Ohanian, Serena Williams’ husband, is a tennis fan would be an understatement. Ohanian has shown his love for various sports, but tennis has so far surpassed them all in terms of his passion for it. Married to one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Alexis has always been supportive of his wife and then-girlfriend, Serena. Whether cheering her on from the stands or being the constant source of encouragement, Ohanian is hands down the biggest Serena fan ever. Therefore, when he admitted that tennis wasn’t a real sport, it definitely shocked his followers!

Yes! There was a time in Ohanian’s life when he actually believed tennis wasn’t a real sport. Despite being invested in several American sports, Ohanian didn’t hold tennis very high at the time. In his recent tweet, Ohanian shares this detail about himself with his fans. As expected, the tweet went viral within hours of posting it, and Twitter can’t stop laughing at it!

Alexis Ohanian thought Serena Williams wasn’t playing a real sport!


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Alexis put a picture of a Sega tennis version on a TV and said: “I think it’s great that I’m now the person that people send these kinds of photos to.

Continuing on about the nostalgic mascot sports video game, Ohanian says: “Collectibles from our childhoods (although I never played that game as a kid – lol – because I hated tennis) are the best.

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While it was shocking to know that Alexis “hated” tennis, an even greater shock awaited his fans. Ohanian’s tweet was soon noticed by Shibetoshi Nakamoto. He was quick to voice his own fondness when it came to playing tennis video games. he tweeted, “I was a true tennis star”. To which Alexis replied: I’ve only played Mario Tennis a few times at our LAN parties. Tennis wasn’t really a sport for me back then.”


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The tennis world is undoubtedly shocked by this revelation. However, followers haven’t forgotten to tease Alexis at the expense of his tweet. Nakamoto himself led the way and pointed out and nothing has changed since then, nothing at all”.


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Alexis’ love of tennis and Venus and Serena in particular is something his fans admire most about him. Whether post-retirement or on the court, Serena, Alexis has always set viral couple goals with his wife. Alexis should also be one of her biggest fans for her sister Venus. Given his constant enthusiasm and support for such legendary tennis players, Alexis could easily bounce back from his initial slackness and rebrand himself as one of tennis’ healthiest fans!

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