Tesla shows new ‘Godzilla’ robot and in-depth look at latest electric car production line

Tesla has released a detailed, impressive look at its latest electric car production line being deployed at the Gigafactory Berlin, including its new “Godzilla” robot.

The Gigafactory Berlin and the Gigafactory Texas are Tesla’s two newest factories, and both feature the automaker’s latest manufacturing technology.

While Tesla has been underestimated by the industry as an automaker for years, many are beginning to credit Tesla for innovation, particularly in body construction through large casting technology.

The company invested in massive casting presses and stamping machines to make fewer but larger parts, resulting in lower capital expenditures and more efficient production lines.

As we previously reported, Tesla has recently increased the use of his social media and blog to develop his own voice, rather than letting everything go through Elon Musk, which has been the case since he disbanded Tesla’s PR department .

Now, as part of this new effort, the automaker has released a detailed look at its latest production line at Gigafactory Berlin:

Tesla begins showcasing its stamping line and manufacturing its 13 different body panels.

The automaker is also showcasing its rear underbody, which has been the largest deployment of its Giga press to date, with a single part replacing 70 parts:

After initially using too many robots and automation on the Model 3’s first production line, a mistake Tesla later admitted, the automaker is now proud to use fewer robots but confirms it still has one on this latest production line uses a significant number of robots: over 600.

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One of these robots is Godzilla, the largest industrial robot in the world:

It’s a giant robot made by Fanuc and used by several car manufacturers.

The automaker also showcased its Gigafactory Berlin paint shop, which it claims is the most advanced paint shop in the world, enabling new multi-layer colors recently released on the Model Y.

Finally, Tesla released new images of its Model Y assembly line at Giga Berlin.

Other companies were impressed by Tesla’s plan for the factory.

Herbert Diess, Volkswagen CEO at the time, said that Tesla’s planned production at Gigafactory Berlin was 10 hours of production per car, while VW was producing over 30 hours at its Zwickau plant.

Most recently, Tesla said it produces 3,000 Model Y vehicles per week at the Gigafactory Berlin and aims to ramp up to 5,000 units per week.

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