The 10 Best DC Storylines (According To Goodreads)

The debate about the best DC Comics stories rages on in every corner of the fandom. There are those who cling to the stories from the eighties. Some feel that current storylines eclipse anything from the past. The Silver Age also has its loyal fans. When looking for a great DC comic to read, it’s hard to know where to start.

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This is a site where Goodreads comes in handy. With millions of users, the site collects rankings from fans based on mass appeal and compiles helpful lists. DC Comics collects thousands of reviews per story, grouped into omnibus issues. A quick look at the ratings quickly reveals which DC stories have become fan favorites.

10 Superman: Red Son gives Krypton’s last son a new backstory (4.09)

There was a time when DC produced a lot of comics under that otherworlds Imprint that presented alternate versions of DC heroes. Superman: Red Son is among the best of them. Unfortunately, it’s often overshadowed by other Elseworlds stories.

Mark Millar made up a story about Superman’s rocket landing in the Soviet Union. This changed the whole world as Superman became the hero of Stalinism instead of the American way. In addition to examining the effect on other DC characters, Mark Millar also analyzed the world in which they lived. The story even went into the distant future and returned.

9 All-Star Superman is the Definitive Superman (4.09)

Grant Morrison and Frank have clearly created the best Superman story. in the All Star Superman, they embraced the Silver Age and told an epic story centered on Superman’s mortality. There were beautiful moments along the way that defined the character for audiences.

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Superman saved a mission to the sun that Lex Luthor had sabotaged. This event caused Superman to die and he put his affairs in order, leading to several haunting scenes that touched the hearts of readers. All Star Superman ends with a momentous moment that fits the tone of the story.

8th Preacher: Gone To Texas delves into the supernatural (4.16)

Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon have created the perfect tale for adult readers, blending religious legends with intense action. As the first storyline in the preacher series, it set the tone for a world where God had left his throne.

Jesse Custer, his ex-girlfriend Tulip and the vampire Cassidy travel to find God. Jesse possessed the power of the entity called Genesis, which could influence others to follow his commands. Since Genesis was the offspring of an angel and a demon, heaven sent the Saint of Killers to pursue Jesse and his companions.

7 Batman: Year One redefined Batman’s origins (4.23)

Frank Miller applied the grim and somber tone Dark Knight returns to Batman’s canon. With Batman: Year One, he and David Mazzucchelli established Batman’s origins and expanded the Golden Age version. They even reworked supporting characters like Catwoman and Jim Gordon.

Millar and Mazzucchelli also portrayed a more grounded and corrupt Gotham City. year one accomplished a redefinition of Batman that escalated his popularity. Future creators would take the dark version of the character even further. Each incarnation of Batman is indebted to Miller and Mazzucchelli’s masterpiece.

6 Kingdom Come is a painted masterpiece (4.26)

That otherworlds series rich come was a masterpiece. Alex Ross painted a future Justice League fighting a tide of violent anti-heroes. This pits the League against Batman’s group of less godlike heroes. Luthor was there too, corrupting Captain Marvel.

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Thanks to the creative work of Mark Waid and Alex Ross, rich come became a statement on the trends of the 1990s. The two invented a story peppered with Easter eggs and cameos, and even low-quality efforts to create a sequel couldn’t tarnish this DC Comics gem.

5 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns can’t be ruined by its sequels (4.26)

Frank Miller produced the quintessential Batman story in Dark Knight returns by putting it in the future. Freed from continuity, he could choose what he wanted to incorporate from the DC Universe. Miller defined a world that had to end with a confrontation between Batman and Superman.

Frank Miller created two sequels, however both have been criticized for their graphic characterizations of other DC heroes. These sequels didn’t ruin that Dark Knight returns‘ legacy. Even a low-quality film adaptation of the series’ final conflict in Batman vs Superman couldn’t spoil it.

4 Batman: Hush Create Future Batman Stories (4.28)

Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee invented a story in which Batman had to rely on his extended family of Gotham’s heroes. Later, the creators took several elements from this story and inserted them into the Batman canon. First, Hush joined Batman’s Rogues Gallery.

Batman and Catwoman’s relationship deepened Silence, create the conditions for developments that are still visible today. The deception of Jason Todd’s resurrection turned into Under the Red Hood, and Batman became more violent under the pressure Hush put on him. Eventually, the Riddler elevated his status as one of Batman’s more dangerous enemies.

Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale set The Long Halloween, a year-long story during Batman’s early career. The Dark Knight spent the year hunting down the killer named Holiday. This story also showed the evolution of Batman’s enemies from gangsters to costumed villains.

One of The Long HalloweenThe highlight of is the underrated villain Calendar Man, who gives Batman a glimpse into Holiday’s mind. It also features Harvey Dent’s transformation into the villainous Two-Face. While The Long HalloweenIn the culminating twist of , readers discover the true identity of the Holiday killer.

2 Batman: The Court of Owls was the first New 52 hit (4.33)

With the launch of the New 52 Batman became the most popular title of the entire line. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo captivated readers with their first story. The villains of The courtyard of the owls were an enigmatic secret society with a deep history in Gotham.

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As events unfolded, Batman discovered harsh truths about his city: it is run by a secret society of Gotham’s wealthiest citizens. The Court of Owls employed an assassin named Talon who pushed Batman to the limit. In the process, the Dark Knight learned secrets about Dick Grayson’s life in the circus. The story ended with a legion of claws being unleashed on the city.

1 Watchmen remains the gold standard (4.37)

Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons created the best comic book story of all time with their hit. Guardian. Subtext, subplots and supporting material underlined the motifs surrounding the story. Alan Moore described the remaining costumed heroes of society as extraordinary but flawed.

The use of a nine-panel grid allowed for the dense storytelling that aided the comic and the like dark knight returns, it was not ruined by efforts to capitalize on it decades later. Even the best of them pales in comparison to the original story. Demonstrating the sign of a grand tale, Guardian maintained on their own.

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