The 10 Best Deadpool Versions, Ranked

Deadpool has so many variations just because he’s such a popular character. Whether the mutant has been reinvented by other artists and writers, brought together across the multiverse in alternative ways, or completely altered in identity, the core of the Merc with the Mouth is always the same.

So Deadpool’s versions could change based on everything from narrative potential to the shifting of reality itself. They’re always brave, always violent, and always ready to drop meta-jokes. The character advances in unique ways and there’s no telling where Marvel will take Wade Wilson next.


10 Traditional Deadpool and Marvel Cinematic Multiverse

The Deadpool established in the comics, and indeed Ryan Reynolds’ iteration seen during his appearances on the big screen (soon to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse), both firmly set the overall tone and mood of Deadpool , which the public now knows.

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The character is quirky, unpredictable, incredibly intense, and has a rather warped moral compass. He’s one of the funniest characters in comics and his interactions with other heroes are always legendary. Teaming up with Wolverine, he’s even more intriguing as an anti-hero, and sometimes the classics are just the best, as is the case with the normal version of the character.

9 X Force

X-Force Deadpool sees a slight shift in character. Usually traveling alone, it’s fascinating to see Deadpool trying to work and fit in with a team, especially when his normal way of getting a job done stretches so far beyond what the rest of the unit would do. Wearing the X-Mantle also means Wade has to look his best.

However, the team’s secrecy certainly benefits Deadpool and the character has been brought back into the group time and time again, usually because of dire need. When it comes to costumes, the X-Force variant is iconic; The black and gray tones certainly compete with the traditional red.

8th Ultimate

The Ultimate Universe features an alternate version of the most notable characters in the Marvel Universe. Deadpool is known here through Wadey Wilson, although his looks and origins vary widely, his personality and ideology are even further from what fans know.

Wearing a clear plastic mask showing the damage he suffered from the Wakandan Wars, Deadpool is actually an anti-mutant hunter, a human racist who can easily take down his targets. When a Multiversal Evil Deadpool Corps was formed, Ultimate Deadpool signed on! He’s the best at being evil, and his arcs are certainly interesting, but incredibly intense and hideous.

7 Deadpool 2099

The 2099 timeline has had a number of notable superheroes. Spider-Man 2099 is perhaps the most famous among them, but Deadpool 2099 should not be ignored. Warda is the daughter of Wade Wilson and Shiklah, and while she hates her father, she has chosen to take the mantle of Deadpool.

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Sporting a futuristic costume that blends perfectly into the 2099 landscape, this version of the mouthed mercenary actually has her own dragon to fly with her in battle! While beginning her life as a villain, she later redeems herself and overcomes her rivalry with her father. She really could be the hero that Wade never quite succeeded.

6 Lady Deadpool

Wanda Wilson may be from another Earth, but she has had many adventures on Earth-616. Essentially the female equivalent of Wade, Lady Deadpool is even more skilled with a blade and far more heroic than the Deadpool most viewers are familiar with.

The character is a resistance member on their Earth, fighting against a fascist state run by a variant of Steve Rogers. Even after achieving victories in her reality, she would protect so many more, sacrificing herself in the line of duty to defeat the Evil Deadpool Corps, even warning Wade Wilson of the threat in the process. Despite limited appearances, she is incredibly versatile and consistent in her views.

5 Gwenpool

When looking at comedy characters, Gwenpool has to be one of the most popular and fun-loving. While other versions of the assassin usually have a murderous edge, Gwenpool is a little friendlier and maybe even more bizarre. There are countless variations of Gwen Stacy in the multiverse, but this one really stuck.

A fourth-wall-breaker in her own right, the character has a meta-nature based on actually being from the real world. She tricks the Marvel Multiverse into believing that she is a mutant and has quite an adorable relationship with Jeff the Land Shark. Kind and considerate, she is a far cry from the traditional Wade Wilson.

4 King Deadpool

Back on Earth-616 Deadpool takes on a very different role for a while. He becomes the king of the monsters and is dubbed King Deadpool, complete with his own royal robes and a throne to sit on his empire. Wade oversaw all of the Marvel Universe’s known monsters and kept them in check on Staten Island.

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The character is slightly different due to his new sense of responsibility. Sure, the costume might have been moved, but what’s changed the most is his attitude toward helping others. He actually cares about his kingdom, and while power has gone to his head a little, he’s quite a monarch to the monsters.

3 poison pool

Characters in the Marvel Universe have been poisoned time and time again. It’s a lot of fun to see how a hero might look or act once bonded to a sticky symbiote. Deadpool becomes Venompool through his own transformation, and it’s one of the deadliest versions of the character in the comics.

He becomes a weapon in a way that the one-mouthed mercenary just wasn’t capable of. He doesn’t lose all his humor, but his hunger is insatiable. He’s such a cool design, although this variant also joins the Evil Deadpool Corps. If more stories were to be told from the anti-hero perspective, he could combine some of Venom’s and Deadpool’s best personality traits.

2 zen pool

If you’ve ever wondered what Wade would be like if he decided to quit katanas and guns to become a pacifist, look no further than Zenpool. After this transformation, Deadpool brands himself as the much calmer Zenpool and is accompanied by a bubble of conscience.

Refusing to ever harm any living being, a costume change is also related to his slightly cooler mood, with the suit’s white seemingly becoming a rather spiritual choice. He’s happy with his lifestyle change and it would be great to see more of this reverse twist since the spell has worn off.

1 dread pool

Best can mean many things and to Dreadpool he truly is the best killer in the Marvel Universe. In fact, as a cynical creature questioning his reality, Dreadpool embarks on a mission to kill every single character comic book fans might have ever read.

It’s a mission that leads to the creation of the Evil Deadpool Corps, which he leads, and he becomes a threat only another Deadpool can deal with. He eventually finds his death thanks to Earth-616’s Wade Wilson, but he’s the most proficient killer of all time for pulling off a homicidal killing spree.

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