The 10 Best Episodes, According To Reddit

The crushing finale of Better call Saul included many recurring characters in an attempt to tie together all of the loose threads the show has created over the years — and in such a perfectly bittersweet way. Fans on Reddit are already calling it one of the best episodes of the series, and it’s some stiff competition.

Most fans agree that the sixth and final season of Better call Saul was by far the best, ending Jimmy’s story in an unsurprisingly emotional way while also providing some much-needed insight into his days during the breaking Badtimeline.


10 “Winner” (Season 4, Episode 10)

The season finale of Better call Saul‘s fourth season marks a major turning point for the show, marking pretty much the exact moment Jimmy McGill’s life is finally turned upside down. Jimmy spent most of season four grappling with the aftermath of Chuck’s death, and this culminates in one of the series’ most intense finales to date.

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Many fans, including Reddit user le_goodbinatti, believe that “Winner” is actually the best episode of the show to date, writing that it was “just an amazing episode from start to finish and incredibly important to the journey of Saul and Mike ( and Kim)” is.

9 Switch (Season 2, Episode 1)

There’s no doubt that Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler have changed a lot since season one Better call Saul, and the beginning of that drastic change is really on display in “Switch” when Jimmy and Kim take part in their first real scam together.

The first seasons of Better call Saul portray Kim as the moral person in the relationship, but “Switch” hints at a much darker side of her character. Reddit user wastesugar7 calls this episode “the beginning of her descent into the thrill of vertigo.”

8th “Five-O” (Season 1, Episode 6)

Despite being one of the series’ earliest episodes, there’s something about Five-O that still stands out today – it not only develops Jimmy and Chuck’s ongoing relationship perfectly, but also provides some much-needed background on Mike’s character.

To Breaking Bad, it was pretty hard for the audience to imagine that they would ever cheer for Mike – but “Five-O” is doing its best to change that. Reddit user itsknighttime101 calls the episode “the backdrop for Mike that I never knew I needed until I saw it.”

7 “Quite a Ride” (Season 4, Episode 5)

The fourth season of Better call Saul has several subplots that run through it, but one of the most memorable is Jimmy’s journey as a drop phone salesman while working to get his legal driver’s license back in the aftermath of Chuck’s death. The season, and this episode in particular, offers some of the best character work in the entire series.

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“Quite A Ride” also features one of the first flash forwards into the show breaking Bad Timeline used ingeniously to highlight Jimmy’s inevitable relationship with the law. Reddit user disturbedbysmallstuff writes: “The last scene where Jimmy claims it’s him […] Becoming a lawyer again evokes the catastrophe that the cold foretells.”

6 “Bagman” (Season 5, Episode 8)

Before Bad Choice Road, Jimmy’s problems were largely limited to petty criminals and his own brother — but this episode puts Jimmy squarely in the crossfire when he’s forced to collect money from the cartel on behalf of his client, Lalo Salamanca.

This episode is pretty much everything the audience has been asking for Better call Saul for a long time – a departure from the simple legal cases of Jimmy McGill and a progression into the dark world of crime and cartel. Redditor kshreerang writes that the episode is “action-packed, amazing script and plot twists”.

5 “Chicanery” (Season 3, Episode 5)

Not only is “Chicanery” one of the most skillfully crafted episodes of the series to date, but it also acts as the first real emotional highlight of the show as a whole. The entire story revolves around the rivalry between Jimmy and Chuck, culminating in an explosive courtroom outburst that marks one of Chuck’s most iconic scenes ever Better call Saul.

Everything the show had built on eventually comes together in “Chicanery,” which is literally an hour of extreme suspense as Jimmy and Chuck both risk everything to finally “win” their legal rivalry. Redditor flmkrp cites it as #1 in its “Top 10 Better call Saul Consequences”

4 Rock and Hard Place (Season 6, Episode 3)

Nacho Varga’s untimely death came much earlier in the season than many fans expected, although things looked increasingly unfortunate for the character from the start. While it was sad to see him go, his confrontation with Hector Salamanca has been one of the most satisfying scenes on the show so far.

“See [Hector] It was very satisfying to pitifully shoot Nacho’s lifeless body because Nacho took the opportunity to get revenge for the Salamancas,” writes Reddit user a_e39. The entire episode pretty much focuses on Nacho’s downfall, which made for a fitting farewell to one of Better Call Saul’s finest characters.

3 Something Unforgivable (Season 5, Episode 10)

The explosive finale Better call Sauls The fifth season, surprisingly, doesn’t always appear on the show’s best episode lists, but it certainly deserves it. It is one of the most important episodes in Nacho and Gus’ storylines and marks a clear advancement in their rivalry with the cartel.

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Jimmy and Kim might not be the main characters of this episode, but it actually works surprisingly well. It allows the cartel subplot to thrive in the spotlight and features many exciting and intense scenes. Reddit user ok-celebration-1229 believes that’s why the episode is “so underrated.”

2 Plan and Execution (Season 6, Episode 7)

The death of Howard Hamlin at the hands of Lalo Salamanca is perhaps one of the most shocking deaths in history Better call Saul, and there have been a few. But “Plan and Execution” doesn’t solely rely on that moment to keep it interesting — it also features some of the most complicated plots and foreshadowing of the entire show to date.

Reddit user gwynieboy gave the episode a “10/10” rating and claimed that the first half of Season 6 was “absolutely amazing,” but that remained the highlight. It marked a complete turning point for the show, with Howard’s death marking a point of no return for Saul and Kim.

1 Saul Gone (Season 6, Episode 13)

Better call Saul It finally came to its bittersweet conclusion with “Saul Gone,” which haunted Gene as he was caught by the police and convicted of the crimes he committed in Albuquerque as Saul Goodman. Reddit user someguy233 believes the show offered “the best ending possible” for Saul, though it may not be a happy one.

Watch after Better call Saul Coming to an end after seven years has never been easy, but Saul Gone does a great job of closing each character’s story in a fascinating way. Featuring appearances from Walt, Mike, Chuck, and even Marie Schrader, the episode had many emotional moments that longtime fans of this universe will enjoy.

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