The 10 Best Instant Messaging Platforms for Remote Teams

Effective online communication and collaboration platforms are essential for remote teams. Instead of going through endless email chains, instant messaging or chat platforms come in handy when you just want to deliver a quick update, have a personal chat, or have a group discussion with your team.

In this article, we’ve rounded up the best instant messaging services for you to seamlessly communicate with your remote team.

Slack is one of the most popular messaging platforms for teams. The platform has channels or conversation areas to help you and your remote team organize your workspace and communicate easily. With Slack, you can send messages, share files, and have one-on-one or group conversations across channels. You can also send your messages immediately or schedule them to be sent later.

With Slack, you can integrate many third-party apps and collaboration tools, including Asana, Trello, Microsoft Teams, and more. While the platform is easy to use, if you’re trying it out for the first time, we have a guide to help you understand how Slack works.

You can use the platform in the browser or download it to your desktop and smartphone devices. Slack is available for free for up to 10,000 messages. However, you can opt for a paid subscription with Pro, Business+, and Enterprise Grid ranging from around $6.67 to $12.50 per month.

Microsoft Teams is another popular chat-based platform to try for your remote team. The platform allows you to create teams or groups to collaborate, chat and hold meetings. Instantly engage in one-on-one or group conversations with your remote team using the chat feature.

You can upload documents on the go and send them to your teammates. In addition, you can multitask or join a meeting while continuing your chat in a separate window. Microsoft Teams includes Free, Essential, Standard, and Business plans. The free version offers unlimited text calls and pretty much everything you need.

You can upgrade to a monthly paid subscription ranging from $4 to $12.50 for additional meeting features, webinar hosting, and more cloud storage. Like Slack, the platform is available to access in your browser, and as a desktop and smartphone app.

Discord is best known as the leading chat platform for gamers. With 140 million active users and amazing features, the platform has been expanded with more features including effective remote team communication. Discord servers are channels where you can have group conversations with your distant teammates.

You can chat, share files, start private threads with only a few members in the channel, use slash commands, use voice channels, share animated reactions for fun, and more. Check out the top Discord tips and tricks to get the most out of the platform.

You can use the platform in your browser or download it to your desktop or smartphone. Discord is free to use but also comes with a paid version, Discord Nitro, for $99.99 per year or $9.99 per month.

Workplace has great collaboration features to help your remote team stay connected with an intuitive interface that would remind you of Facebook. Workplace offers features like groups and chats that you can use to communicate with your team and participate in discussions, share files, or hold brainstorming sessions. The platform also has one news which shows you various updates and posts from across the company.

Workplace offers a Core plan for $4 per person per month with a free 30-day trial. You can add more paid add-ons with additional features like extended support, better video streaming quality, and more.

Webex has areas where you can have group calls with your remote team. You can connect with anyone from your company or even outside of your company from the same room via direct messages. In addition, you can make audio or video calls, share files, edit together and collaborate with your remote teammates from the same place.

The platform is available for free and also offers paid subscriptions with advanced features. You can switch to paid subscription plans ranging from $13.50 to $25, which include participant control in messaging and various other advanced video conferencing features.

Part of Google Workspace, Google Chat allows you to seamlessly start group conversations, communicate in spaces, and have private discussions with your remote teammates. The platform shines by integrating the Google ecosystem of apps, making it easy to create and share documents and presentations without having to worry about assigning permissions.

In addition, it allows you one-click video conferencing to communicate with Google Meet. Check out these useful tips to get the most out of Google Chat. You can access the platform through your browser and as a mobile app for Android and iOS.

Like most of the platforms on this list, Pumble is divided into different channels where you can have group conversations and direct messages where you can have a one-on-one discussion.

You can also create private channels that are invitation-only. In addition, you can branch a conversation into a thread, save or pin your messages, share files, make voice calls and hold video conferences on the platform.

Pumble comes with a free plan with unlimited users, message history, one-on-one video and voice calls, and more. You can upgrade to the Pro version for guest access, screen sharing, increased storage, customizations, and more.

Twist is an asynchronous messaging platform that allows your team to focus on productivity by using threads and tagging only the relevant people instead of everyone. This allows you and your team to organize conversations.

Additionally, your inbox will only show you the thread activity you’re tagged in, where you can choose to read, reply, and mark as done to clear your inbox. This helps you keep your inbox tidy so you can focus on priorities.

Twist offers a $6 per user monthly or $8 per user yearly plan with unlimited message history, integrations, file storage, and more. You can try Twist for up to a month for free before opting for the paid subscription.

Chanty offers a simple yet intuitive interface to communicate with your remote team in public or private conversations. In addition, Chanty adds a collaborative feature by allowing you to assign a task to each of your teammates. You can edit the tasks, delete them and also have a related thread to discuss about it.

In addition, the platform allows you to share files, snooze notifications, and make an audio or video call with your teammates. Chanty is free to use with unlimited private, public calls and more with up to 10 team members. The platform offers a business plan for $4 per user per month with unlimited messages and history, added support for more team members, and other advanced features.

Mattermost is one of the best developer collaboration platforms with a combined workspace that includes channels, boards, and playbooks. Channels are used for group conversations with your remote team along with direct messaging, file sharing, threads, and more.

Mattermost also offers a collaboration feature with boards to track your tasks and playbooks to streamline workflows and automate your process for effective teamwork. Mattermost offers Free, Business, and Enterprise plans.

The free plan comes with a workspace team, unlimited users, channels, and more needed to get started. You can choose to upgrade to the Business plan for $10 per user per month for more storage and more exclusive features.

Communicate seamlessly with the best chat platforms for remote teams

The above instant messaging platforms will help you stay connected with your remote team on the go. Additionally, these platforms allow you to collaborate effectively with your teammates and stay productive.

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