The 10 Best Scenes That Prove Why Better Call Saul Deserves The Emmy

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the final season of Better call Saul.

Vince Gilligan and Peter Goulds breaking Bad spin off Better call Saul has finally concluded its critically acclaimed run with a perfectly crafted series finale episode Saul Gone. In all his years on the air, Better call Saul was nominated for a whopping 25 Primetime Emmy Awards and yet, despite being one of the most popular shows on the airwaves, it somehow hasn’t won a single one.

The show’s stunning sixth and final season is her last chance to win for Outstanding Drama Series, and there are plenty of iconic scenes that prove she deserves to win the award.


10 Nacho’s death

The last season of Saul began with Nacho fleeing the Salamancas after his attempt on Lalo’s life. After a tense cat-and-mouse hunt, Gus convinces Nacho to take the case for the failed assassination attempt and give his own life in the process.

Nacho goes along with the plan, but he goes out on his own terms. He reveals that he is responsible for Hector’s illness and sets the stage for lifelong resentment before taking his own life with Juan Bolsa’s gun. Michael Mando put on an incredibly powerful performance in Nacho’s final moments.

9 Gene fakes a breakdown

The all-genes black-and-white episode “Nippy” marked a drastic change in pace after some intense, action-packed episodes. But it was a poignant character study from Gene, pointing to his Slippin’ Jimmy scams in the post-breaking Bad timeline. When the mall heist hits an unexpected snag and he must distract the security guard, Gene fakes an emotional breakdown.

Gene is only pretending to be having a breakdown, but the heartbreaks he mentions — his brother’s death, his wife’s departure, etc. — are real tragedies from his past life. Bob Odenkirk’s performance walks the fine line between false emotions and real emotions.

8th Kim leaves Jimmy

After Mike cleans up the crime scene at her apartment, Mike tells Jimmy and Kim to go back into their lives like everything is fine. Jimmy gets back to normal, but Kim can’t. She feels responsible for Howard’s murder and takes it as a reality check that she and Jimmy are bad for each other.

Jimmy tells them not to go, but their bags are already packed. She admits she still loves him, but tragically says it doesn’t matter. For years, fans have wondered why Kim wasn’t there for the events of breaking Badand the response was both unpredictable and heartbreaking.

7 Marion discovers Gene’s true identity

When Jeff bought his mom a laptop and she became a YouTube fan, it was only a matter of time before she stumbled across Saul’s old commercials. After Jeff is arrested, Gene calls Marion and tells her everything will be fine – but his knowledge of the law (and New Mexico law in particular) makes her suspicious.

By the time he gets there, she’s already figured out who he is. Odenkirk nails the emotional layers as Gene prepares to kill Marion and penetrates her to his humanity — and reminds him of his Sandpiper clients — by saying, “I trusted you.”

6 Howard’s murder

The first half of Saul‘s final season followed two seemingly disjointed storylines: Lalo’s quest for revenge and Jimmy and Kim’s prank war with Howard. Those two storylines collided in truly shocking fashion in the midseason finale, Plan and Execution. The D-Day prank is a success, but Howard finds out and confronts Jimmy and Kim at the worst possible time.

During his triumphant monologue, Howard is interrupted by the arrival of Lalo, who promptly shoots him in the head. This harrowing twist shows just how unpredictable the show’s storytelling was.

5 Mike visits Nacho’s father

Mikes Better call Saulera reached the perfect conclusion when he paid a visit to Nacho’s father to confirm his grim fate. He promises to find justice for Nacho’s death, but Mr. Varga points out that Mike has a distorted definition of justice and he’s just as bad as the Salamancas.

This poignant conversation is interrupted by the visual upswing of the chain link fence separating the two. They stand on opposite sides of the law and on opposite sides of morality.

4 Jimmy calls Kim in Florida

When Gene goes to a payphone to call Francesca, he is furious to learn that the FBI has confiscated all of his hidden assets, but is moved when she tells him Kim asked about him. He calls Kim at her new place of business — a sprinkler company in Florida — and tells her he’s “still getting away with it.”

This call is muted when it first appears. But an episode later, Kim’s side of the call can be seen. She demands that Jimmy turn himself in, then says she’s glad he’s alive before hanging up. This heartbreaking conversation set the stage for Jimmy’s ultimate redemption in the finale.

3 Gene gets caught

After the opening flashback, the stunning series finale Saul Gone follows the previous episode’s stunning cliffhanger, in which Gene escapes from Marion’s house and tries to avoid the cops. The chase that follows is subversively short, but wonderfully cinematic.

After a short time Gene is cornered by the cops and hides in a dumpster where he tries to call the Disappearer. Seconds later, however, the dumpster is surrounded by armed police officers. Gene’s downfall is wonderfully disappointing.

2 Kim’s breakdown on the bus

After Jimmy’s impromptu comment that she should turn herself in, Kim flies back to Albuquerque and submits an affidavit to both the prosecution and Howard’s widow, admitting her role in his death. She then gets back on the bus to the airport so she can return to Florida.

During that bus ride, years of repressed grief, guilt, and heartache erupt in a devastating emotional breakdown. Rhea Seehorn earned an Emmy for that scene alone.

1 Saul’s confession

The series finale of Better call Saul did not go out with a barrage of machine gun fire like its predecessor; it ended with Saul representing himself in court. But he’s not trying to get off scot-free as expected; He uses his testimony as a platform to really confess all his wrongdoings.

He peels back the personas to reveal the flawed but well-meaning advocate he once was. Jimmy McGill returns to power, admits who he really is and accepts a decade-long sentence to atone for his life of crime.

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