The 10 Best WrestleMania Main Events, According To Dave Meltzer

The main event of WrestleMania is arguably the greatest match in professional wrestling anyone could have. It shows that the world’s most famous wrestling promotion is looking for someone to star in to represent the company in the main attraction match at their annual marquee event.

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Some of these games were all-time classics, while others didn’t quite live up to expectations. When looking at which Main Events were the best in WrestleMania history, Dave Meltzer’s star ratings are a pretty good way to see which of those matches have been of the highest quality over the years.


10 John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels, WrestleMania 23 (4 stars)

While Cena and Michaels would have better matches, this was still a very enjoyable WrestleMania main event that felt like a big one-on-one match between two stars. Despite Cena winning virtually every major match, Michaels managed to convince the crowd that he had a great chance.

This proved just how good a wrestler Cena can be, with lots of great psychology, counterattacks and exchanges, and all of this coupled with a hot audience. Cena would end up retaining his WWE Championship over Mr. WrestleMania.

9 Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair, WrestleMania 37 Night One (4 Stars)

The atmosphere surrounding this game was amazing. The occasion of the main event, the first WrestleMania show to return to fans post-pandemic, was special, especially since it featured two black women for the first time ever. Even before the bell, Belair and Banks shared a special moment as they both tried to hold back tears.

After that, the pair had a fluid and smooth competition that had several big spots like Belair carrying Banks into the ring with ease as the crowd went mad. Her victory crowned the show beautifully.

8th Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels, WrestleMania 12 (4.25 stars)

This is a match that has many WWE fans divided over how much of a classic it is. With Meltzer and his ratings, it is clear that he may also be of two minds, neither too high nor too low.

While it dragged on in stages, Hart and Michaels managed to last a full 60 minutes in this Iron Man match that left the crowd very excited by the end. It wasn’t perfect, but Michaels’ first WWE Championship win was a great moment.

7 Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar, WrestleMania 19 (4.25 stars)

Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar had a very physical main event that included a lot of suplexes, mat wrestling and finisher exchanges, and while Lesnar’s in-ring work has been criticized recently, this was a good example of how well rounded off a performer who he is.

The closing sequence is what this match is most remembered for, as Lesnar botched a shooting star press and landed on his own head and neck, but that only heightened the legacy of this match.

6 Edge vs. The Undertaker, WrestleMania 24 (4.25 stars)

At the start of that match, Undertaker had never lost at WrestleMania, but Edge had never lost to Undertaker, with the story that Edge had his number. This thread continued throughout the match as Edge had a counter for everything, up to the point where Undertaker had to pull out Hell’s Gate to defeat him.

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The pair showed wonderful chemistry in a match that probably could have lasted longer, although it could be argued that length meant the match didn’t outlast his welcome.

5 Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Edge, WrestleMania 37 Night Two (4.5 Stars)

On the second night of WWE’s return to a live audience, three men, all near retirement, fought in one hell of a triple threat match. It was very fast, very physical and it ended the show perfectly.

Reigns’ stock soared exponentially as he easily defeated Edge and Daniel Bryan, pinning both men simultaneously to retain his Universal Championship.

4 Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan vs Batista, WrestleMania 30 (4.5 stars)

Earlier in the night, Daniel Bryan defeated Triple H to secure a seat in the main event, where he would face off against two other members of the legendary Evolution faction and prevail in one of the most incredible WrestleMania title wins in history.

The match itself was very well timed, Bryan getting moments to explode into life but kept getting knocked down and struggling with all the injuries he had sustained over the past few months and also earlier in the night. Batista and Randy Orton were the perfect opponents who overwhelmed Bryan in the greatest possible way.

3 Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns (vs. Seth Rollins), WrestleMania 31 (4.5 stars)

Although their rematches weren’t perfect in the years that followed, this match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns was a spectacle. It felt like an authentic and brutal fight.

To top it all off, Seth Rollins cashed in his Money in the Bank contract in a sensational moment, won the WWE Championship and stood tall to end one of the most shocking Main Events of all time.

2 The Rock vs. Steve Austin, WrestleMania 17 (4.5 Stars)

When it comes to Attitude Era main events, this is an example of how to produce one to perfection. It was wild, chaotic, and brawling rather than fluid in-ring action, although that had its moments as well.

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At the end of that match, Steve Austin turned on his heels and joined with his greatest rival, Mr. McMahon, in a truly shocking conclusion, winning The Rock’s WWE Championship.

1 The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, WrestleMania 26 (4.75 stars)

After their all-time classic the year before, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels went head-to-head again, this time with Michaels’ career at stake. This resulted in a more intense and urgent pacing of the game as opposed to last year’s which was more technical and smooth.

They threw each other everything they had until Michaels couldn’t go much further, beating his opponent in an act of defiance before landing one of the most effective Tombstone Piledrivers of all time.

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