The 11 Best Umbrellas (for Staying Dry and Looking Cool)

Unless you’re from Seattle, there’s a good chance you fear the rain, complain about the wind, and are a little scared of using an umbrella in anything over a light drizzle. Many of my friends hail from the notoriously steep Pacific Northwest (aka the only weirdos who actually enjoy the rain), and her advice is actually closed not use an umbrella (only a really great hoodie), unless it’s downright pouring. In a broader sense, this means her not settle for thin pines that flip over at the slightest gust.

While we like to invest heavy dutyweatherproof gorpcore gear, we know not everyone wants to dispose of this life (sometimes an umbrella really is everything you need in bad weather). To protect our heads (and our closets), we asked friends in rainy places and read countless reviews to find the best umbrellas out there. Whether you’re looking for a giant umbrella that will practically give you a roof over your head, or the best compact umbrella that won’t collapse under the pressure of a ‘Severe Weather Alert’, keep scrolling to find the umbrella that’s made to last best suits you needs.

The best travel umbrellas

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If you’re looking for something that doesn’t take up a lot of space, we’ve found incredibly durable, compact options – perfect for stowing in a purse, gym bag, or glove box – and extra-small options that are great for travel (especially if you’re only traveling with hand luggage work).

For an incredibly reliable compact umbrella, Repel’s OG portable umbrella not only weighs less than a pound, but also raises (and lowers) automatically and can withstand high winds without tipping inside out. It’s also less than a foot long, comes with a lifetime warranty, and costs less than $30.

$39.95$29.99 at Amazon

If you tend to lose umbrellas, this one is even smaller, can withstand winds of up to 55mph, and costs half as much. That’s probably why it gets over 25,000 reviews and a 4.4 star rating.

$14.99$11.99 at Amazon

If portability is the most important factor, we’ve found two incredibly small umbrellas that are perfect to keep in your suitcase at all times, small enough to fit in a bag and even come with a compact carry case.

$14.99 at Amazon

$17.65 at Amazon

A clear umbrella for the clumsy

If you find that you’re extra nervous on rainy days for fear of going out under your black umbrella and constantly bumping into things, choose a clear bubble umbrella that you can carry over for better protection (with less risk). can pull your face for assault).

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$29 at Amazon

Umbrellas inside out (yes they are a thing)

The worst part about carrying an umbrella is when it gets soaked and you then have to carry it through a crowded area without getting yourself (or a stranger’s shoulder) wet. They now make inverted umbrellas that contain their gross wet mess on the inside, so you can tuck them under your arm without settling for sopping wet pits.

With over 16,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, this compact, reversible umbrella scores points for how “water beads off the outer layer so well, it barely comes out,” according to one enthusiastic reviewer. In addition to the positive remarks, Lanbrella also offers 24/7 support and free replacements, meaning if your umbrella breaks (or rather, inside out, you don’t have to reach into your “rainy day wallet” to buy a replacement goes). ). One five-star reviewer commented, “The customer service I received was unexpected and outstanding,” so it’s safe to say that for less than $25 you’re getting an incredible deal.

$23.99$20.39 at Amazon

For the same ingenious design in a larger stick style, Siepasa’s inverted umbrella also has a unique C-shaped handle for easy hanging on hooks, over the arm or on the door. It also has UV protection and a ton of graphic designs to choose from, ranging from beach scenes to Van Gogh. This pup has a 4.7-star rating and more than 25,000 reviews claiming that “the umbrella can withstand sudden gusts of wind.” According to one reviewer, “My mom loves it. Remind them of their former homes and keep them dry!”

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$18.89 at Amazon

The best golf umbrella

The G4 Free golf umbrella is the biggest, worst, and top rated golf umbrella on Amazon, and it comes in four colossal sizes — including 47, 54, 62, and 68 inches — so you can shield multiple friends (or foes) at once. Not only is it fully waterproof, it also offers SPF 50+ protection and is also double vented, making it virtually windproof.

$29.99 at Amazon

The best designer umbrellas

Wet or dry, nothing really matters unless you absolutely serve, even when it comes to your rain gear. Unless you have a personal assistant or security detail holding an umbrella over your head, the next best thing is hitting the plebs with a really sick umbrella.

If you want them to think you’re rich:

$100 at Far-fetched

If you want them to think you’re a king:

$235 at Artemest

$410 at Amazon

If you’re starting to get cranky, just remember that April showers bring Mayflowers (and an end to the seasonal depression).

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