The 13 Best Gifts for Sci-Fi and Fantasy Nerds

It used to be pejorative to be called a nerd. It meant you weren’t part of an abstract group of “normal people” who liked ordinary, society-sanctioned things. But today how cool nerds like it Elon Musk and Elizabeth Holmes Bill Nye has pretty much taken over the culture, the tables have turned. Now it’s considered great to know the stories behind it Lord of the rings And game of Thrones. Shit, even Weird Al just got his own biopic (it is amazing). As people mine stranger things for retro sci-fi references and Final Fantasy VII content holds multiply itself (no disrespect, but will it ever end?), it feels like the nerds have not only taken over, but turned the tide of the art entirely. Maybe we already have.

I say “we” because VICE is full of nerds. We love to play elden ring and do weird sex stuff. We enjoy Lord of the rings lore And Mainlining Mountain Dew. As they say, you gotta know one, so who better than us to compile a list of some of the best gifts for all the nerds, sci-fi geeks, and dungeon masters out there. May your strength remain high and your skill (and means) sufficient.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Art by Frank Frazetta

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The King of science fiction and fantasy art has a nice art book available from bags, filled with over 460 pages of his pulp pipe dreams. As a Amazon Reviewer writes: “You don’t notice any pixelation. The images look sharp and alive […] Buy it now while it’s available because in five [to] In ten years the book will be out of print, rare and highly collectible.”

You experience Muppet Feels

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who feel heartwarming, slightly bittersweet nostalgia at the mention of Jim Henson’s work, and those who deserve to come to the end of the line. The The Dark Crystal x brain dead Collaboration celebrates Henson’s dark ’80s fantasy masterpiece with one of his hottest Gelflings.

$200 at bawled

Sauron fans = Metalheads

If there was ever a fictional fantasy character that instantly appealed to metalheads (and shared a kindred energy with them), it’s Sauron. Not only is this cheeky demigod clad in steel from head to toe, but his previous incarnations have been both werewolf AND vampire. Wear his image loud and proud.

$23.99 at Amazon

For aspiring dungeon masters

So you invited a cutie of yours dungeons Campaign? Good for you Randy. This is undoubtedly the morning to flaunt after misplacing the whistle…

…And for the day, we humbly suggest a retro-inspired D&D tee.

$17.99 at Amazon

‘Excalibur’ had the drip

The 1980s fantasy film King Arthur’s court oozed over-the-top style, from the shoulder-padded armor to the futuristic, gender-biased Merlin. It inspired one of Alexander McQueen’s most epic photo shootsSo imagine what a poster of the film could do for your living room.

$13.99 at ebay

History will say that they were friends

See, Lord of the Rings is strange hell no doubt. This miniature Japanese poster for the animated adaptation not only includes snuggly snaps of Sam and Frodo, but also a Yassified Galadriel and Nazgul’s bedchamber.

$15.50 at ebay

Probably the best Star Wars novel

When you love war of stars AND lived through the 90s, a very [emoji handshake] for you, because you were allowed to experience the 1996 novel Shadow of the Empire Real time. Before the shows of Disney+, before countless video games and fan fiction, there was a fairly limited (albeit regular) outpouring of war of stars-tangential media. Shadow of the Empire was not only one of the best of them, but was considered one who really came closest to you war of stars movie since Return of the Jedi. They even made a Nintendo 64 game out of it (it’s bloody sick TBH). If you or someone you know are out here sharing Baby Yoda memes and talking about how awesome The Last Jedi is (it is not, I’m sorry), but have not read Shadow of the Empirethen you better fix your credibility real quick.

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$8.99 at Amazon

Let them know who you’re riding with

Maybe that was it freaks and geeks or the power metal band Rhapsody, who made it cool to love dungeons public (because it definitely wasn’t new movie with Chris Pine). Either way, this actually awesome will proudly show their allegiance wherever they go. Circle of the Moon Gang, stand up.

$17.99 at Amazon

For sci-fi movie nerds looking for the next step

So you blasted the best star trek franchise (The next generationobviously), you’re all caught up house of the dragonyou have exhausted yours Interstellar And Contact blurays and HBO Max kicked you out for watching dune Too much time? It’s time to smash the pause button on the new shit and travel back in time to one of the OG sci-fi masters: Russian film director Andrei Tarkovsky. One of his undisputed masterpieces, stalker (based on a cult novel Roadside picnic), is a must for sci-fi fans of all shapes and sizes; And Solaris is the original, trippy astronaut movie of your dreams (after 2001: A Space OdysseyNaturally).

$39.95$21.59 at Amazon

$39.95$32.78 at Amazon

Epic cross-universe board games

yes play elden ring And return can be a blast (or maybe you were still DJing half-life 2), but our ancestors did not have such technological delights. They were forced to invent sci-fi board games out there to fill the void, leaving an incredible legacy. 1977 cosmic encounter is a timeless experience of galactic exploration and empire building, while the more recent scythe is a crazy alternate story game in which you are a farmer in a dystopian post-war 1920s.

$79.99$66.82 at Amazon

$59.95$55.99 at Amazon

May the Force be with you.

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