The 19 best Labor Day 2022 appliance deals

Amazon Prime Day was and is over, but whether you missed this sale or aren’t a Prime member, Labor Day is another opportunity to snag a bargain during the summer months.

The holiday is only a few weeks away and will officially take place on September 5th. Ahead of the celebration, however, we can expect vendors from Best Buy to Target to offer deals on technology, home products and more.

This includes a wide range of appliances where you can benefit from budget, high-priced items such as refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen utensils, vacuum cleaners and outdoor products such as grills and grills.

Labor Day takes place on September 5th, but ahead of the event we’ve rounded up the best deals on gadgets available online. Check out our top picks below.

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  • Current price: $399
  • Original price: $549

Much of what we found prior to Labor Day pertains to the iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO. Over at Target, the robot vacuum is currently on sale with a $150 discount off the standard $549 price tag and is priced at $399.

The iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO is a WiFi-connected, self-draining vacuum cleaner that can be controlled via your smartphone or voice assistant. Set schedules, choose when the robot will clean your floors for you and use map technology to learn more about your home. Over time, the robot will identify areas prone to contamination and pay special attention to them.


  • Current price: $137
  • Original price: $199

The Ninja Foodi 4-in-1 Indoor Grill is also on sale ahead of Labor Day. Constantly used in my own kitchen, this smart kitchen gadget takes the guesswork out of cooking meat and vegetables and has four useful functions – a grill, an air fryer, a roaster and a bake function – to handle everything from steak to roast chicken to prepare.

This handy gadget is currently available for $137, saving you over $60.


  • Current price: $607
  • Original price: $759

One offer that BBQ fans won’t want to miss is 20% off the Pit Boss Sportsman 820 Pellet Smoker. When you’re ready to up your game and go beyond direct flame cooking, the Sportsman 820 has enough space to cook multiple ribs, chicken, pork shoulder and more, and uses wood pellets instead of gas or charcoal. You can use standard probes to monitor your chef or connect them to the built-in digital controller.

The Pit Boss Sportsman 820 Pellet Smoker is currently priced at $607, which is a savings of over $150.

Getty | best buy

  • Current price: $799
  • Original price: $1124

One appliance offering suitable for large households is this Samsung washing machine, a large – and smart – machine at 4.5 cu. ft capacity.

Samsung has integrated an AI-based Smart Dial function to learn and remember your favorite cycles, mobile connectivity and a quick wash function to handle a full charge in less than half an hour.

The front-loading washer is available for $799, a savings of $325 based on the machine’s usual price of $1,124.


  • Current price: $149
  • Original price: $169

Granted, that’s not the biggest discount we’ve seen, but the discount on the Shark Rocket Pro corded vacuum is still worth considering.

With a $20 discount, the $149 Shark Rocket Pro is a corded device suitable for cleaning your family home, offering deep suction and clean, detachable handheld and LED lights to spot areas you’re overlooking to have.

Labor Day, observed each year on the first Monday in September, is an American holiday designated by the federal government to celebrate “the social and economic achievements of American workers.” At the end of the 18th century, ordinances were first issued to secure the date as a national holiday.

The date changes slightly each year due to the calendar. However, in 2022, Labor Day will take place on September 5th.

It really depends on the retailer. If you’re looking for a big device, expect these to ramp up closer to September 5th – usually about a week before that, which would be around August 26th.

This year, however, several factors are at play. First, there are supply chain issues and the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, many stores have been buying items in bulk, and since people are still spending, albeit less, they have a lot of extra inventory to get rid of. This is where the savings come into play. While they traditionally start selling around August 26th, we expect them to start as early as today to encourage buyers to buy.

In the past, we’ve seen Labor Day deals extend up to a week after the holiday, so you can expect the deals to last until at least September 12th. Anything after that is not guaranteed.

We scour the web across multiple retailers and consider a variety of factors. First, if the product is less than 15% cheaper, it’s usually not a good deal. There are exceptions like Apple products, which are very popular but are not usually available for sale.

Our general rule of thumb is that it has to be at least 15% off. Additionally, we’ve reviewed all items that we think are a great deal over the last six months to make sure you’re really getting a great deal. Anything that was price gouged to appear like a deal where they raised the price a few days earlier and lowered it back to the “deal” on the day of the “deal” was not included in this list. We want to make sure you get the best deal on these items.

In the run-up to Labor Day in September, US retailers are offering a range of deals on a huge range of products. While not every deal is a doorbuster, we also found other Labor Day 2022 sales to consider:

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