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Boltless TV wall mounts are ideal for drywall, especially if your preferred mounting location is not secured with bolts. They are lightweight and easy to install, requiring only nails; no drills or gaping holes in your walls (or your wallet). So if you are looking for tv wall hangers without rivets, we have compiled the very best for you.

What to look for in a boltless TV wall mount

While no-stud wall mounts aren’t ideal for extra large, heavy-duty TVs, they still make decent hangers for medium to large sized TVs and rival the best TV wall mounts. You should pay attention to this with a TV wall mount without bolts.

  • Supported TVs: Make sure your favorite boltless TV wall mount supports your TV type. The mounts listed in this article support TVs up to 77 inches and some curved TVs.
  • VESA pattern: This is the distance in millimeters between the four screws on the back of your TV. The VESA pattern differs from TV to TV and from mount to mount. Make sure both match.
  • Maximum weight capacity: Wall mounts have a maximum weight capacity in pounds. Make sure the weight of your TV is within this range. Ideally, you should leave some room for error.
  • tilt angle: While no-stud wall mounts don’t have full range or movement, they still offer some degree of tilt (which can help with glare). An inclination of up to 5 degrees is ideal.
  • profile: By design, studless wall mounts have a reduced wall-to-TV profile, spacing, or standoff. While this can affect cable management, it gives a nearly perfect flush finish.
  • UL certification: Products certified by Underwriter Laboratories undergo rigorous testing and are certified for safe use in a variety of environments.
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Best Overall: Hangman S-2040A Studless TV Wall Mount

Hangman S-2040A Studless TV Wall Mount


  • UL certified and lightweight with an 80 lb weight capacity. Ideal for 26 to 55 inch TVs.
  • 5 degree pitch with 1″ profile for cable access and flush finish.
  • Abrasion-resistant foam pads.


  • Rather small supported TV size range.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy and reliable way to hang your 26″-55″ TV on the wall without worrying about drills or finding bolts, we recommend the Hangman S boltless TV wall mount -2040A. And no, it has absolutely nothing to do with a real executioner or with Al Pacino, Karl Urban and Co.

This simple yet sturdy 18” wall mount is available in a black anodized finish with VESA compatibility from 200×200 – 400×400 millimeters. It also comes with a built-in bubble level, security cable, and anti-scratch foam pads. It can be tilted up to 5 degrees to reduce glare. Its 1″ profile provides easy cable access for better cable management. This 1.1 pound mount is UL listed and can support TVs weighing up to 80 pounds.

Overall best

Best Award: EchoGear EGDL1 Studless TV Wall Mount

EchoGear EGDL1 Studless TV Wall Mount


  • Ideal for 32″ to 77″ TVs on drywall, wood and concrete walls.
  • UL listed with full VESA pattern support.
  • Small 1.18″ profile, 5 degree tilt angle with anti-tilt magnetic spacers.


  • Basic barebones design.
  • Can possibly leave 32 nail holes on the wall.

EchoGear makes some of the best TV wall mounts, including full articulation ones. When it comes to studless TV mounts, the EchoGear EGLD1 Studless TV Wall Mount is our top pick for the best premium category. This 4.18-pounder has a weight capacity of 100 pounds of drywall and 135 pounds of wood or concrete walls. It is ideal for 32″ to 77″ TVs.

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This UL listed mount has a VESA pattern of 75-625mm and comes with a built-in bubble level. It uses 32 tiny nails to support your TV on the wall and a safety latch to lock it securely. With a 1.18 inch profile and a 5 degree tilt angle, it minimizes glare and can improve cable access with a flush surface. Magnetic spacers are included in case you don’t want to tilt your TV.

Best Premium

EchoGear EGDL1 Studless TV Wall Mount

This durable EchoGear Studless TV wall mount is UL certified to support 32″ to 77″ TVs weighing up to 100 pounds on drywall and 135 pounds on wood or concrete walls.

Best Budget: Aentgiu Studless TV Wall Mount

Aentgiu Heavy Duty Boltless TV Wall Mount


  • Very inexpensive wall hanger without rivets.
  • Ideal for 26″ to 55″ TVs on drywall, wood or concrete walls.
  • Super light, good tilt angle and slim 1 inch profile.


  • Simple design, no frills.

Even the best boltless TV wall mounts are significantly cheaper than their fully articulated counterparts. But the Aentgiu Studless TV Wall Mount takes affordability even further. Constructed of heavy-duty steel, our best affordable boltless TV wall mount supports 26- to 55-inch TVs weighing up to 80 pounds on drywall and up to 110 pounds on wood or concrete.

Weighing just 0.95 pounds, it has VESA patterns of 100 x 100 millimeters – 600 x 400 millimeters and is ideal for drywall thicker than 0.4 inch. It also comes with a safety latch to secure your TV in place. With a 1″ profile, it offers a flush finish and easily hides your cables. It has a maximum tilt angle of 5 degrees, which helps reduce glare and improve clarity.

Best with Auto Lock: Barkan DWH3.B Studless TV Wall Mount

Barkan DWH3.B Studless TV Wall Mount


  • Full-on bracket design with auto-lock feature for added security.
  • Ideal for 19” to 65” TVs weighing up to 82 pounds with full VESA compatibility.
  • Safe for drywall, drywall, wallboard, drywall, plasterboard and comes with a free 18Gbps HDMI cable.


  • Limited weight capacity support for supported TV size range.

At first glance, boltless TV wall mounts may seem fragile. However, they have been tested and certified to do what they were designed to do. However, when it comes to security, the Barkan Studless TV Wall Mount is easy to beat. While others simply provide a safety latch with two mounting holes, this mount is an entire four-hole mount.

It also has a US-China approved patent for the automatic locking mechanism, making it the most secure no-stud hanger in its category. It has VESA patterns from 75 x 75 to 400 x 400 millimeters and comes with a built-in bubble level. Ideal for 19″ to 65″ TVs weighing up to 82 pounds, it leaves a 1.1″ profile with no tilt support. However, it comes with a free 6ft HDMI cable and is UL certified.

Preferably with an automatic lock

Best Slim Profile: HYPIGO AA-11 Studless TV Wall Mount

HYPIGO AA-11 Boltless wall mount


  • Slim 1 inch TV wall profile.
  • Supports 26” to 55” TVs weighing up to 80 pounds.
  • Wide VESA pattern compatibility with most TV models.


  • Wide VESA pattern compatibility with most TV models.

Flat TV wall mounts allow you to achieve a more flush finish, especially when viewed from the side. If you are looking for a solid boltless TV wall mount with minimal distance between the TV and the wall, then the HYPIGO AA-11 boltless TV wall mount is a good choice.

The HYPIGO Alloy Steel Studless TV Wall Mount supports 26″ to 55″ TVs with a VESA mount from 200 x 100mm to 600 x 400mm. Weighing 1.54 pounds and measuring 17.36 x 12.87 x 1.85 inches, it can support TVs weighing up to 80 pounds while maintaining a gap of just 1 inch from the TV wall. Easy to install, it also features an integrated spirit level and safety lock.

Best slim profile

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