The 8 Best AirTag Wallets to Shop in 2022

best apple air tag wallets

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There are two types of people in this world: the hyper-organized type who always knows where their wallet, keys and iPhone are, and the 20-minute charmer who just flies around and feverishly searches for all of this every morning mentioned above. If you fall into the latter camp, Apple AirTags are for you. Keeping tabs on everything from iPhones and wallets to kids and pets, these compact Bluetooth trackers are a godsend for the disorganized among us (which makes them a great unique gift for men). Anytime you lose something, just grab your iPhone, launch the Find My app and find your valuables in real-time.

When you want to mark one thing in your everyday carry stash, it makes sense to prioritize your wallet. Luckily there are hundreds of wallet makers with custom made AirTag wallets that offer a special holder for your own Apple AirTag. These wallets are deceptively simple, but there are subtle differences. We’ve rounded up dozens of the top rated and most popular wallets to find the best AirTag wallets to buy in 2022.

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Overall best AirTag wallet

AirTag wallet S

Best premium AirTag wallet

Slim premium wallet with AirTag holder

Best Personalized AirTag Wallet

AirTag wallet

Best EDC AirTag wallet

Carbon fiber smart wallet kit

Best AirTag wallet alternative

Leather wallet with MagSafe (for iPhone)

Best Minimalist AirTag Wallet

Slim AirTag wallet

Best bi-fold AirTag wallet

Bi-fold AirTag wallet in stealth mode

What to look for in an AirTag wallet

Like traditional wallets, AirTag wallets are deceptively simple. Almost every model we researched features either a sleek, front-pocket-friendly design or a traditional bifold form factor, as well as a small, dedicated pocket for an Apple AirTag. They don’t have much more. But your personal style, carrying preference (or “EDC”), and budget all make a difference when it comes to finding the right AirTag wallet for you. Here are a few things to look for:

  • layout: Slim wallets feature a streamlined, minimalist design that is best suited for carrying in a front pocket. For a roomier, more traditional wallet layout, opt for a bifold wallet.
  • capacity: The slimmest wallets (like Apple’s iPhone Leather Wallet) only hold two or three cards, while the largest have room for nearly a dozen. Make sure the AirTag wallet you choose is large enough for your needs.
  • materials: All of the above wallets are available in genuine leather, faux leather, or both. Of course, genuine leather looks better and tends to last longer, but it’s more expensive. Faux leather tends to look “cheap”, but it almost always is cheaper to.
  • security: Most AirTag wallets we’ve found have some form of RFID blocking to keep your RFID-enabled cards as secure as possible.

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