The 8 best Chicken Shop Date episodes to binge

Amelia Dimoldenberg dated like it was her job. She started her “Chicken Shop Date” series as a student, taking British rappers out to dinner and then walling them off with silly questions and a straight face. For the past two years, she’s brought her awkward charm to the red carpet, hosting interviews at the Brit Awards and the Golden Globes, where she had very real chemistry in a widely publicized exchange with Andrew Garfield(Opens in a new tab).

As Amelia-Stan (a chicken chick? A nugget? One of Amelia’s Bedelias? Still working on a fandom name…) I thought it fitting to bring some of her best poultry-themed work to the attention of new fans.

1. Chunkz and Yung filly

I had never heard of Chunkz or Yung Filly before seeing their Chicken Shop Date and now I will never forget them. Between explaining the meaning of “Bundas” and Yung Filly’s raucous laugh, the duo’s date is one of Dimoldenberg’s most watched for a reason.

2. Jack Harlow

Harlow and Dimoldenberg have real chemistry, although from what I’ve seen of Harlow on red carpets, he might have chemistry with a brick wall. It’s hard not to be charmed by his bad British accent and natural sense of humor, and Harlow’s charisma almost causes Dimoldenberg to break his character.

3.Louis Theroux

This iconic video may have spawned the top TikTok sound of 2022 — the “My money don’t wiggle, wiggle” tune — but Dimoldenberg and Theroux’s sit down is one of their deepest meals yet. Almost too serious for Amelia, Theroux creates an atmosphere that’s more wholesome than romantic.

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4. Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer could narrate paint drying and be entertaining, so pairing her with Dimoldenberg is a sure win. They feel more like besties than baes, but love is still within reach.

5. Ah

Although their date was far from smooth (it’s hard to come back from telling someone they resemble a shrimp), Amelia and rapper Aitch must have had chemistry outside the chicken shop because they ended up dating in IRL. Amelia appeared in his music video for Baby(Opens in a new tab)‘ and while it was probably a PR stunt, we can always hope the love was real. The couple have since split but remain friendly. When “Baby” was nominated for Song of the Year at the 2023 Brit Awards, Amelia congratulated Aitch on the red carpet with a box full of items(Opens in a new tab) he had stayed with her.

6. Nella Rose

Nella Rose, the bubbly YouTuber behind the viral “Aren’t You Ashamed, Aren’t You Ashamed?”(Opens in a new tab) meme brings out Amelia’s best physical comedy. The two dance, giggle and trip over their words in this truly adorable match.

7. Dutchavelli

One of the top comments on this video is, “I love how she gets hard men [to] giggle like schoolboys, it’s hilarious,” and that pretty much sums up Dimoldenberg’s tete-a-tete with rapper Dutchavelli.

8. Daniel Kaluuya

Daniel Kaluuya walks into the chicken shop ready to flirt. He turns eyes to Dimoldenberg but deflects her questions about having time for a girlfriend and plays hard to get. The signals are mixed, but the chemistry is definitely there.

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Bonus: Jesse Lingard and Bernardo Silva

While not technically a chicken shop date (it takes place in a stadium cafeteria), this twinhead contrasts a soft-spoken and sometimes confused Bernardo Silva with the more outgoing Jesse Lingard. It’s one of Dimoldenberg’s best attempts to score a boo.

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