The 8 Best ‘Friends’ Couples Ranked

That friends The cast certainly went through many relationships throughout the series before settling down with their “lobster.” Some of these relationships were hard to watch while they were blooming; others were difficult to see when they ended.

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In addition to the obvious favorite relationships that were the endgame in the season finale, this list also includes the most compelling and beautiful relationships from the entire series, which with some tweaks could have been the endgame. These relationships include Rachel Greene and Joey Tribbiani, Monica Geller and Richard Burke, and Phoebe Buffay and David The Science Guy.


Rachel and Ross

Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) ended up together in the series finale after a long on-off relationship from the start. They had their ups and downs and often disagreed. When they were bad they were terrible, but when they were good they were amazing.

Ross was very protective – too protective, in fact. Ross was a very underrated character as he adored Rachel when they were teenagers and comforted her through every broken heart she got. He encouraged her to be her best self and made her feel like the only woman in the world. Rachel gave up her dream job in Paris to be with him and loved his child Ben.

Rachel and Joey

Rachel and Joey (Joey Tribbiani) did not end together, although many fans wished it would. Joey was there for Rachel through thick and thin, giving her wisdom all the time, he proposed to her when she had Ross’ baby, and she was his one true love throughout the show.

Rachel relied on Joey for emotional support and they had a wonderfully complementary dynamic living together. Joey almost considered Rachel’s child Emma his own and cared for her like a real father. They had a heartwarming base of friendship that could have blossomed into a beautiful, lasting relationship if Ross hadn’t been in the know.

Monica and Richard Burke

Monica (Courtney Cox) and Richard (Tom Selleck) had to be one of the best relationships introduced to the show. They had a magical fairy tale relationship; They both accepted each other’s flaws and instead saw those flaws as endearing traits in each other. They had two problems in this relationship, one was the age difference, but they realized their connection was too strong and they overcame that hurdle.

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The second problem was that Richard didn’t want any more children and Monica was obsessed with the idea of ​​children. Richard took it upon himself to sacrifice that love to stay with Monica, but she couldn’t let him sacrifice so much of his life for her. They broke up because they loved each other too much.

Monica and Pete Becker

Monica and Pete Becker (Jon Favreau) had a very frustrating relationship as Monica couldn’t easily fall in love with him. When she did, he was too obsessed with being the UFC champion to continue the relationship. Pete was kind, giving and a gentleman to Monica and all her friends and adored her completely, never giving up on her until she agreed to a date.

Pete gave birth to Monica and Monica saw him for the amazing man that he was; He gave her a job as a chef, made sure she was safe, treated her to nice dates and gifts, and was just a brilliant man, inside and out. Monica tried so hard to fall in love with him and when she finally did, he couldn’t give up his UFC career to stay with her.

Monica and Chandler

Monica had the most relationships of any group on the show, but her taste in men was also the best. Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) was their last and forever relationship, which ended in marriage and twins. They were friends for many early seasons, but at Ross’s wedding they began to cross the platonic barrier.

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They certainly had their hurdles, including not being able to have children, but like all soulmates, they made it work with the love they had for each other. Monica helped Chandler with his commitments and family issues, and he loved all of her adorable clean freak personalities. They were the perfect power couple for the series.

Phoebe and David

Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) and David (Hank Azaria) were one of the sweetest relationships; It was the portrayal of a shy guy who fell in love and came out of his shell for The One. He was in love with Phoebe from the moment he saw her at Central Perk singing her infamous songs.

Their relationship was simple and easy; it was like they had known each other forever and they weren’t afraid to express each other knowing the other would understand. The only problem that broke this relationship was moving to Minsk. David said he would stay but Phoebe couldn’t live with himself and kept him from his dreams.

Phoebe and Mike Hannigan

Phoebe and Mike Hannigan (Paul Rudd) were endgame, marry like in a fairy tale, outside wedding in the snow. They went together like two lobsters. Mike and Phoebe were both unique, quirky characters who attained each other’s energy day in and day out.

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The pair got off to a rocky start when Phoebe realized he was a stranger that Joey found by accident. This accident turned out to be fate as they got over the issue and found they were meant to be together. Mike never wanted to get married after his previous disastrous relationship. However, he quickly learned that Phoebe was different from the others.

Ross and Emily Waltham

This relationship had many different opinions among fans, but honestly, this relationship was brilliant. It’s hard to believe that many brides would be happy to see their husband hanging out with the woman he previously dated and calling her name at the altar.

Ross and Emily Waltham (Helen Baxendale) had a fairytale beginning where distance was irrelevant compared to their love for each other. They had similar personalities and Emily was ready to move to America for Ross. The only breaking point in the relationship was the other woman, Rachel.

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