The Best Audiobook Narrators on Audible UK in 2023

The best audiobook readers paired with the best authors take readers on incredible journeys and build entire worlds with nothing but their voice. Often seen as an easier way for busy bookworms to keep up with their reading, audio books rely on a great narrator to engage readers with excellent clarity, a mastery of accents, or even a touch of humor.

Read on for some of the most listened to audiobook speakers on Audible in the UK so far in 2023.

Stephen Fry

A picture of Stephen Fry next to the Mythos audio book cover

As narrator of the world-famous Harry Potter series, Stephen Fry has been transporting UK listeners to the wizarding world on Audible for years – fans have now listened to the Harry Potter books for over a billion hours combined on Audible.

The length of the books may have something to do with the incredible amount of time Audible users have spent listening to Stephen Fry, with 117 hours required to listen to the entire series. Stephen is also the audiobook narrator of Sherlock Holmes: The Definitive Collectionand several of his own books – including acclaimed, historical journeys into Greek mythology myth And heroes.

Listen to all of Stephen Fry’s annotated audiobooks Here.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry next to the audio book cover of his memoir

spare part, Prince Harry’s seminal autobiography, shot to number one on the bestseller lists when it was published in January. The book promises an unrivaled look into the royal family, his life and his relationship with Meghan Markle, and it’s no surprise that the book was Audible’s most popular audiobook to date in 2023.

Narrated by Prince Harry, readers can expect an in-depth look at his relationship with the British media, his role as a working royal and his experiences following the death of his mother.

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spare part is available for free with Audible’s free trial.

Lesley Manville

Lesley Manville next to the Thursday Murder Club audiobook cover

Known for her acting roles in The crown And Sherwood, Leslie Manville is as captivating on audio as she is on screen. Narrate the breakout hit The Thursday Murder Club and its continuation The man who died twiceLesley Manville brings Richard Osman’s cozy but gripping detective stories to life with compelling narrative and a gripping sense of suspense.

Lesley has said that she’s become “so clingy” to reading “Richard’s truly wonderful novels,” and given the tremendous amount of time Audible listeners have spent engaging with the series, it’s clear that she’s not the only is.

You can find more annotated audio books by Lesley Manville here The Canterbury Stories by Geoffrey Chaucer.

Robert Glenister

Robert Glenister next to The Cuckoo's Calling audio book cover

The first cormorant Hit Roman burst onto the literary crime scene in 2013, authored by the mysterious Robert Galbraith. The cuckoo is calling quickly topped the national and international bestseller lists before it was revealed that the author was a pseudonym for JK Rowling.

British actor Robert Glenister lends his distinguished voice and masterful accents to the captivating and modern ‘mystery thriller’ set to solve Cormoran Strike restless blood and the newest entry in the series, The inky heart both are high on the list of Audible listening sessions. The series has also been adapted for television Hitnow in its fourth season.

Meet Robert Galbraith’s Cormoran Strike for the first time on Audible.

Andy Serkis

Andy Serkis next to a picture of the Lord of the Rings audio book cover

Another actor who found success as an audiobook narrator, BAFTA-winning Andy Serkis is perhaps best known for playing Gollum in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. However, he is also the audiobook narrator for the Unabridged and Classic books by JRR Tolkien, available exclusively on Audible.

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If you want to start your epic journey to Middle-earth from the very beginning, Andy Serkis is also the Audible Narrator for The HobbitJRR Tolkien’s timeless book about the events leading up to the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

For a newer foray into Middle-earth, discover The Rings of Power on Amazon Prime.

Cast of the Jane Austen Collection

Behind the scenes with the cast of the Jane Austen Collection on Audible

Jane Austen’s historical novels remain as entertaining, witty and poignant as ever in 2023 – and now you can listen to the definitive collection of her works, narrated by some of the world’s greatest actors. Claire Foy, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Billie Piper, Florence Pugh and Emma Thompson lend their voices to Jane Austen’s most popular stories, including Pride and prejudice, sense and sensualityAnd Emma.

Discover the Jane Austen Collection on Audible Hereincluding a behind-the-scenes interview with the amazing cast of narrators.

Looking for your next favorite performance? Find the top rated and newest audiobooks Hereincluding star-studded multicast productions and narrator collections.

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