The best Genshin Impact Sucrose build, Artifacts, and F2P options

The best Genshin Impact Sucrose Build takes one of the most powerful characters and makes it even better.

Sucrose is like Venti but without being limited to limited reps. It’s a staple on any team, increases elemental damage, and is pretty easy to build too. She can even help set up Dendro reactions like Bloom, although Dendro will not twirl.

Just make sure you collect lots of Pinwheel Aster to level them up.

What is the best Genshin Impact Sucrose build?

Sucrose is a classic Anemo character who needs Elemental Mastery to get the most out of her swirl reactions. She also needs some help reducing her energy requirements and ability cooldowns, and you don’t even need a 5-star weapon for that.

Best sucrose weapon

Since Sucrose’s skill cooldown timer is so long, Sacrificial Fragments are her best weapon. This 4-star catalyst increases the user’s elemental mastery and has a chance to end their skill’s cooldown timer.

If you’ve unlocked the first constellation of Sucrose, consider opting for the Favonius Codex instead. It helps create more energy particles, which offsets the high energy demands of sucrose.

If you want something stronger, you can put A Thousand Floating Dreams on her. This 5-star weapon also increases elemental mastery, with a skill that increases either elemental mastery or elemental damage depending on party members’ element type. It’s meant for Nahida, but if you don’t have her or want to change something, it’s certainly a good option.

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Best Sucrose Artifacts

Sucrose requires the complete Viridescent Veneer Set.

  • Two-part effect: Increases Anemo damage by 15 percent
  • Four-Part Effect: Increases Swirl damage by 60 percent and reduces enemy resistance to the elements used in a Swirl Reaction

For your Substats, focus on Elemental Mastery and Energy Charge. Anemo damage is a nice bonus, but Sucrose has Anemo damage as a bonus level-up stat and doesn’t need that much extra Anemo.

What is the best Sucrose F2P build?

Sucrose’s F2P build relies on a newer craftable Catalyst from Sumeru to work well.

Sucrose F2P weapon

The Fruit of Fulfillment Catalyst, which you get the blueprint for by completing the World of Aranara quests, increases the user’s energy recharge by a decent amount, but the passive ability is even more useful. It grants a Wax and Wane stack when the user triggers an Elemental Reaction. These stacks reduce Attack by five percent but increase Elemental Mastery by 24 (or higher at higher refinement levels) and can be stacked five times.

Mappa Mare is another option if you haven’t reached Sumeru yet. It increases elemental mastery, albeit by a small amount, and increases overall elemental damage with its passive ability.

Sucrose F2P artifacts

Sucrose’s F2P build’s focus is basically identical to her F2P build, so her artifacts are the same as well. Aim for a full Viridescent Veneer set with Elemental Mastery, Energy Recharge, and Anemo Damage as substats.

Is sucrose good?

Sucrose is one of the best characters in the game. She’s a 4-star Venti, but even more useful than the Bard as her talents actually give her support options that help bolster the party.

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Sucrose’s capabilities are straightforward on paper. Her ability creates a small Anemo vacuum that also flings enemies, and when it comes in contact with another element it twirls the element and deals extra damage to that element. Her burst does the same thing, but similar to an attack that the Anemo Hypostasis uses, she lingers on the field for several seconds and attacks in three pulses. The burst also triggers an elemental absorption, where Anemo absorbs another element and deals damage of that type.

These alone are useful in practically every situation. The suction effects group enemies together and make it easier to damage more of them at once with reactions. If you have Viridescent Veneer on Sucrose, the four-part effect reduces enemy resistance to the element you’re swirling, meaning the absorption effect deals even more damage.

That’s sucrose as a sub-DPS, but it also plays an important supporting role. Vortex and her skill’s vacuum effects make it easy to unleash powerful reactions like freezing, vaporizing, and even blooming. Her passive talents increase the party’s Elemental Mastery and Elemental Damage, so she’s essentially a catalyst for causing a lot of Pain.

The only downside is that Sucrose burst costs 80 energy and both abilities have long cooldowns. There are ways to mitigate these issues with her weapon, although the most efficient way to use Sucrose is to at least unlock her first constellation.

Should I pull for sucrose?

Sucrose is one of the few characters that you should definitely be interested in, but since she’s a 4-star character, there’s not necessarily any pressure to get her once she appears on a banner. Sucrose is repeated fairly frequently and can even appear outside of a featured banner.

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The only situation where you might want to stop and think about whether you need sucrose is when you have Kazuha and Venti. They both essentially do the same thing as her, although Sucrose still has the benefit of being able to inflict Swirl with just her normal attacks.

If you’re saving up for future Genshin Impact banners, check out our current list of Genshin Impact codes for some free Primogems.

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