The Best Hotel Room Views In Rome And Five Other Inside Tips

Hotel Hassler Roma is where to find some of the best hotel views in Rome. It is a particular jewel among Rome’s luxury hotel offerings – family-run for over a century, it offers guests a unique personal ‘everybody knows your name’ service, embedded in the luxurious facilities of a five-star hotel. The location literally overlooks the Spanish Steps and if you book well in advance you can secure yourself a Junior Suite Corner Room with windows in almost every direction and remarkable views of the best of Rome.

The 4th floor Junior Suite is an enviable space with four oversized windows overlooking the Spanish Steps, St. Peter’s Basilica and other Roman landmarks. Open a bottle of wine from the room’s well-stocked minibar and enjoy the sunset in the privacy of your own Hassler suite. Alternatively, enjoy a craft cocktail in the hotel’s wonderfully cozy bar, with deep leather banquettes and soft lighting, it’s the perfect little spot to unwind after a busy day of exploring. The Hassler’s panoramic terrace is open seasonally and is only available to guests – on the 7th of Decemberth On the 1st floor it offers an impressive view and a nice seat to enjoy the sunset.

Don’t be surprised if staff members call you by name throughout the hotel — it’s attentive without being flattering. At breakfast on the second day I was sitting in my preferred seat and before I could say a word the waiters came down with my preferred tea. They also remembered the honey – and the insignificant fact that I like two teabags. It’s a small place with attentive staff, a bit like a 5* Italian grandmother overseeing your stay. The family feeling dates back to 1921 when the Wirth family took over management and ownership of the hotel. After the hotel was confiscated by the US Air Force to serve as their Rome headquarters during World War II, the property was renovated and finally a new Hassler opened to the public in 1947. The recent death of patriarch Roberto Wirth (who was also deaf), now leaves the estate under the guidance of his twin children Roberto Jr. and Veruschka Wirth. Despite recent changes, the new generation of leaders has not; has skipped a beat offering a family run five star ambience in terms of service, quality and experience.

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When you’re not watching the sunset from your suite, these are the five things you must do when you’re in Rome:

Best Italian lunch outside of Vatican City at the Osteria Le Streghe. This destination offers ambiance, incredible pasta and Great wine in a charming location.

Dinner is worth the drive Al Ceppo, just a short taxi ride from the city center, is where the chefs go to eat on their evening off. The open air grill is where the magic happens here, with sensational grilled seafood and meat dishes. Refined and elegant food, intelligent service and a warm, living room-like ambiance make this restaurant one of the best fine dining restaurants in Rome.

The decadent gelato at Gelateria Cremilla: Here you can watch the ice cream being made behind the glass wall – an ice cream that is decadent beyond measure. Be sure to try the biscotti and chocolate flavors.

The Best Walking Tour by an Archaeologist: ArteFacto is a cultural association of archaeologists and art historians who offer their expertise in the form of tours, classes and seminars. Book a walking tour of Rome with the the fabulous Francesca Dell’Era – an archaeologist and licensed tourist guide who will reveal all of Rome’s secrets.

Underground Rome in Necropolis of St. Peter: Start each tour with this fascinating dive into the origins and tombs that predate the construction of St. Peter’s Basilica, with a final look at St. Peter’s tomb. Tours are small and limited. Reservations require a faxed request and advance planning.

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