The Best Italian Specialty Food Gifts

Your mom, wife, daughter or BFF doesn’t have to be Italian to appreciate a Mother’s Day gift featuring authentic Italian food.

We’ve scoured some of our favorite online specialty food sites to compile a list of authentic food gifts that will be appreciated by anyone who loves Italian cuisine or Italian food.

(Reminder: Mother’s Day 2023 falls on the same date in Italy as in the US, May 14th)

Italian Premier Gift Box

A little bit of that and a little bit of that – this impressive range of specialties includes cheeses, meats, oils, vinegars, biscuits and snacks from a variety of regions up and down. Everything comes in an attractive kraft paper gift box.

Gift Set Pasta Premier & Colander

This set contains all the ingredients needed to cook three Italian pasta dishes. It includes sauces, cheeses and different types of real Italian cast bronze pasta. The treats arrive hand-wrapped in a reusable stainless steel strainer that will remind them of the gift long after the contents have been consumed.

igourmetPasta Premier & Colander Gift Set/igourmet/gift baskets and assortments/gift basket/boxes/crates & kits

Gift box of Italian country cheese

This no-fuss gift features four essential Italian cheeses from four different regions of Italy. It’s a great way to introduce or reacquaint someone with the range of Italian cheeses on offer. It includes a grated cheese (from Emilia Romagna), a classic table cheese (from Veneto), a blue cheese (from Lombardy) and a Sardinian pecorino. The cheeses can be enjoyed straight from the box with toasted bruschetta.

igourmetItalian Cheese Gift Box/Igourmet/Cheese Gifts/Gift Hamper/Boxes/Crates & Kits

La Mama Cuoca

Any home cook will love this box filled with premium staples like dried porcini mushrooms, artichokes, carnaroli rice, anchovies in olive oil, datterino tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, affiorato EVOO, and more. A hardcover copy is also included in the Eataly gift box Pizza, Pane & Paninipublished by Rizzoli, which explores regional pizza, bread and sandwich traditions.

YummyLa mamma cuoca 1 unit Eataly

La Mama Golosa

Those with a sweet tooth will be delighted with this gift box with high-quality chocolates, biscuits, hazelnut spread, honey and more. It’s a real taste of the La DolceVita come from Emilia Romagna.

YummyLa mamma golosa 1 unit Eataly

Per lei (for her)

Every Italian kitchen has a moka pot (and she’s probably seen one in every Italian movie). This gift box is filled with household goods and groceries, allowing it to emulate the Italian lifestyle. She will start her morning by brewing a rich espresso coffee in this Alessi coffee maker and maybe drinking it with some of the sweet biscuits. The hand-wrapped gift box also includes strawberry jam, a souvenir mug for cappuccino or latte, chocolates, honey and even a trio jar of Rosensalve scented lip balm.

Yummy1 unit of Eataly per lei

Dolceterra Lemon Taste Gift Pack

Do lemons make your lips curl? Does she love the taste of limoncello? If so, she’ll love the all-lemon gift box, which includes two types of limoncello: Creme Limoncello from Capri and Limoncello from Sorrento IGP, as well as other lemon specialities. The two ceramic glasses by Gioia Luisa will be hers.

Dolceterra Italian in the US shopDolceterra Lemon Taste Gift Pack

Taste of Italy: Memorita

If she fainted while visiting Firenze, Portofino, Roma, Sicilia, Venezia or Verona (or any of these cities on her bucket list) she will love this gift box which is a mix of food, art, books and culture. personalized for one of the cities mentioned. It includes a hand-painted ceramic mug, hand-painted limoncello bottle and local delicacies, all professionally shrink-wrapped with decorative ribbon.

Dolceterra Italian in the US shopTaste of Italy “MEMORITALY” – 01

Personalized gift box with Baratti & Milano chocolates

This gift starts with choosing a stunning Linea Storea box that can be customized to be filled with all of their favorite chocolates. Redesigned for contemporary gifting from the archives of the famous chocolatier, the box’s original design dates back to the 1940’s. You can choose from a wide range of dark, milk, hazelnut and other chocolates as well as hard candies. The charming gift boxes are also available in other sizes, shapes and designs.

Italian chocolate from Baratti & MilanoMother’s Day

Truffle Thrills Gift Set

If she gets intoxicated by the aroma of truffles, she’ll love this pack of gourmet sauces that will enhance the flavor of any pasta dish; meat, chicken or fish dishes; or even spread on toast or bruschetta. The eight easy-open, 6.1-ounce cans contain an eclectic assortment of truffle sauces: white truffle with porcini, black truffle with mushroom, green and red pesto and truffle, artichoke with truffle, cream with truffle, and tomato with truffle.

Urbani truffleTruffle Thrills Set 8 x 6.1 oz

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