The best legends to pair with Vantage, the Survivalist Sniper in Apex Legends

Apex Legends‘ Vantage made sniping cool again. While much of the game revolves around fast-paced run-and-gun action, slow movement and careful long-range target selection have a place in the meta. It’s in the latter playstyle that Vantage shines.

The survivalist Sniper is at its best when fighting at range, taking out enemies before they even know what hit them. It’s a combat style that will take time to learn for players who are more used to Wraith and Octane, but it’s well worth learning.

Of course, no legend can become a champion alone. Just like everyone apexCharacters from Vantage work particularly well when paired with a handful of supporting Legends. While she can be played effectively alongside most characters, adding her to a squad of Legends that complement her ranged abilities makes her an even greater threat on the Outlands’ greatest battlefields.

Here are the Legends that best fit Vantage Apex.

The best legends to combine with Vantage Apex Legends


While Vantage isn’t a defensive Legend, it works best when dealing damage from afar using cover. Rampart can provide that cover wherever her squad goes, essentially making her a mobile barrier maker for Vantage. The damage increase granted by Ramparts Amped Cover can be extremely beneficial for sniper rifles that deal a lot of damage on impact.

If a squad decides to push Rampart, she can use Sheila to give Vantage time to escape or get to a more favorable angle to resume their shots. Vantage doesn’t have to use sniper rifles, but since nearly all of her abilities focus on supporting fire at medium to long ranges, you’re not maximizing her potential unless you’re scouting and dealing damage from afar. Rampart’s slightly slower and more defensive playstyle also fits well with Vantage’s need for considered positioning.

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Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Newcastle is a good fit for Vantage for reasons similar to Rampart. Its castle wall instantly grants Vantage plenty of cover to hide behind and a way to avoid counterattacks while firing. While it’s most commonly used to barricade its team when facing off against a nearby enemy squad, its tall parts can also be used as a scout cover while Vantage scouts the terrain below.

Newcastle may not be able to compete with some of the faster attacking legends, but they work well with the slower Vantage. He can use his deployable shield to block all of Vantage’s unpredictable shots while she gathers intel on distant enemy positions and shield colors. While not quite as mobile as her, he can move his shield to ensure she stays protected even when her squad isn’t actively pushing a team. Whether you want to defend a last ring position or play more defensively from the start, Newcastle and Vantage make a great pair.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

Fuse might seem like a surprising companion for Vantage, but the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. Fuse’s passive Grenadier allows him to throw grenades much further and more accurately than other Legends, ensuring ordinances like Arc Stars hit their target, even from the other side of the map. If Vantage successfully scouts a team with Spotter’s Lens, Fuse can bombard them from long range with a variety of grenades in his inventory. (If you’re a Fuse player, you should always pack grenades.)

Fuses Knuckle Cluster can be shot up to his grenades, so he can do the same with his tactics. Once Vantage finds a squad hiding in a house or other small indoor area, the two can work together to drive them off with grenades and shots from Vantage’s Sniper’s Mark. Fuse doesn’t have as many movement abilities as many other offensive Legends, so he probably won’t let Vantage down when he charges into battle. It’s an unusual pair, but it just works.

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Recon legend Seer doesn’t do much damage to Vantage, but he does have something that arguably matters more: utility. While Vantage can scout enemies with Spotter’s Lens, it’s not that good at spotting enemies hiding behind walls or in buildings. That’s where Seer comes in: if his squad suspects enemies are hiding somewhere nearby, he can unveil them and track them down with focus of attention. This revelation allows Vantage to land her shots more easily since she already knows where to aim.

Seer’s Exhibit Ultimate serves the same purpose. Vantage can hit enemies with Sniper Marks much easier when she can see where they’re running and where they’re likely to be peeking. While Bloodhound also has wallhack abilities and can uncover enemy positions, he’s too aggressive and push-heavy for Vantage. The Seer is slower and more ambush than charge, making it a better choice for Survivalist Sniper’s recon combat.


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Loba is useful for almost every legend in the game. Who would pass up the chance to easily find their favorite gun and accessories at their black market boutique? While Loba can help anyone, she’s particularly useful to Vantage because of her Spotter’s Mark. While Spotter’s Mark works unarmed, it can also be used with medium and long range scopes (the 2x HCOG Bruiser or higher). The Black Market Boutique can be used to quickly find a suitable scope and sniper rifle, allowing Vantage to use their abilities with maximum efficiency.

Loba also has similar tactics to Vantage, allowing both to gain better lines of sight. Echo Relocation allows Vantage to rocket jump to a higher position, giving her a better vantage point – pardon the pun. Loba can get to most of the same locations with Burglar’s Best Friend, although her teleport is instantaneous rather than over a short duration like Vantage. These tactics are not well suited for escaping enemies; Instead, they’re proactive abilities that allow Loba and Vantage to lunge at enemies, something they’re both good at.

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