The Best Looks Of Toni Storm’s Career, Ranked

After signing for AEW, Toni Storm is one of the most important names on the list of women. But Storm found fame from WWE, where she thrived for four years. Toni Storm won the NXT UK Women’s Championship as a WWE Superstar and she also won the Mae Young Classic tournament.

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Alongside these two major promotions, Storm has also worked in independent circles. While the 26-year-old is skilled in the ring and delivers good matches, her good looks are pleasing. With a career spanning over a decade, Toni Storm has seen various changes in the wrestling business and these looks stand out from the rest.


10 During the NXT invasion of SmackDown

NXT, WWE’s development brand, competed with the main roster back in 2019. In a battle for brand supremacy, NXT women faced off against the women of RAW and SmackDown at Survivor Series. The NXT ladies were led by Rhea Ripley and Toni Storm was part of the squad.

When NXT’s Toni Storm broke into SmackDown, she was impressive, but her ring attire was even more impressive. She looked stunning in shorts and a crop top paired with her boots.

9 In a dress

Toni Storm’s sprocket is certainly great. While she’s been trying out different types of cogs, fans have rarely seen her in dresses. Wrestlers wear fancy attire at special events.

Toni Storm wears a beautiful black dress that makes her look stunning. Her heels definitely complement the look. The image is likely from the premiere of the Mae Young Classic tournament.

8th Cinderella look

Toni Storm spent two years at Stardom, a Japanese women-only promotion. She achieved success there and won the SWA World Championship. But another notable achievement was winning the Cinderella tournament in 2017.

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When Toni Storm won the Cinderella tournament, she not only won a trophy but also a crown like Cinderella. Toni Storm wore a beautiful red dress and truly looked like a real Cinderella, making it one of the best looks of her entire career.

7 Leather jacket & pants

Toni Storm’s main career in WWE didn’t last long. She was in the Survivor Series 2021 match and most notably challenged Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship by losing her effort.

In an episode of the blue brand, Toni Storm wore one of the best looks of her career. She cut a promo and wore black leather pants. She looked pretty but a little different from her usual in-ring look.

6 Photo shooting

In the age of social media, every wrestler loves to do professional photoshoots, especially female wrestlers who regularly upload such professionally shot pictures. Similarly, Toni Storm does the same.

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This is such an outstanding picture of Toni Storm. She’s still wearing her ring gear with sunglasses and her signature beanie in this shot. With a perfect background and light, it’s definitely one of Toni Storm’s best pictures.

5 Casual red top

During her brief stint on SmackDown, Toni Storm tried out different looks as she was in front of a large audience. Since Storm wore ring attire most of the time in the ring, it was rare to see her in casual wear.

However, on an episode of SmackDown, Tomi Storm opted for a casual look. She wore a sleeveless red crop top and blue ripped jeans. Storm pulled off the casual look with ease, making it one of her best looks.

4 Leopard print ring wear

Toni Storm certainly wears some of the coolest ring dresses. She once wore a leopard print ring that looked amazing. While the design of the gears was the same as their regular cogs, the leopard print made all the difference.

Toni Storm wears this leopard print gear and is photographed here with a small ringside fan impersonating her.

3 Entry as The NXT UK Women’s Champion

Toni Storm never won the NXT Women’s Championship but she did win the NXT UK Women’s Championship. In fact, Storm has had an amazing run in the WWE development brand in the UK. She remained champion for 230 days before giving up the gold to Kay Lee Ray.

Toni Storm was in her early 20s during the title reign. This photo shows one of her best looks from that title reign. Toni Storm looks superb in her entrance gear and hat while wearing the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

2 Different mood

Fans are used to seeing Toni Storm in her sprockets most of the time. While her cogs are amazing and she always looks her best, she also effortlessly rocks casual wear.

Toni Storm looks glamorous while wearing a different outfit than her ring gear. She wears a green top with red sunglasses and her signature cap with different color designs on it.

1 The red gear in AEW

Since signing with AEW, Toni Storm has been enjoying her time both in and out of the ring. One big change is that she’s improved her looks over the past few months and she’s looking better than ever. Storm also seems to be in the best shape of her life in AEW. Whenever she performs at All Elite Wrestling, she makes sure to turn heads.

Toni Storm is snapped here performing in a red ring robe and leather jacket. She looks flawless in the photo making it one of the best pictures.

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