The Best Merch That Doesn’t Make Your Eyes Roll

Variants of Deadpool, Luigi, Sailor Moon and Goku filled the aisles of Toronto Comicon 2023 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center March 16-19.

Venues felt a bit more crowded this year as the pop culture conference was held on one floor. But limited space didn’t stop vendors from merging into one marketplace in the ever-changing showroom.

Visitors too will be hit as hard as their wallets with goods over three days. In true Comiccon fashion, there will also be novelty items, literature and prop weaponry up for grabs from local Ontario businesses showing off their handiwork.

It’s also the more unique items that have led CGM to eye household items like Funko Pops, posters and keychains at kiosks. But here are a bunch of must-have items that raise our eyebrows.

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What’s in the box?

The overwhelming amount of merchandise at Toronto Comicon is a sight to behold. So much so, in fact, guests may find themselves paralyzed with analysis of where money is going. The premium Lootcrate-like mystery boxes scattered around the conventions might surprise.

CGM could not confirm exactly what is in each box. True to the name, the Mystery Boxes pack random pop culture novelties and useful goods. Keychains, patches, stuffed animals, hats, mugs and mini statues are some of the items included (or not). They also match the value guests could invest from $50 and beyond for higher-end boxes.

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With any luck, guests will be looking for some kind of franchise from Nintendo war of stars And Demon Hunter can find it. While the luckier guests can try the Con’s own version of the Mystery Box, which opens up the multiverse with a selection of IP merch.

“If you don’t care, I’ll drink now”.

Guests who recently broke a cup now have an excuse to visit Toronto Comicon for a new one.

Some vendors in the showroom used their lasers and sandblasters to create special souvenir glasses. Practical yet geeky, guests can find a new personalized glass that allows them to drink almost anything. These range from small beer mugs to shot glasses and even one avenger Decanter for whiskey. Like the mystery boxes, CGM saw a selection of franchises etched onto each glass.

The glasses are also dishwasher safe, which means iconic logos come out game of ThronesThe Marvel Cinematic Universe, star trek and the TARDIS off Doctor Who are here to stay after intense scrubbing.

Of course, there’s always Fan Expo 2023 when even the latest cup breaks.

Toronto Comicon 2023 Best Merch That Won't Make Your Eyes Roll 23031903

Glass you can’t see through.

A variety of glass posters can be found in two different locations in the exhibition space and in Artist Alley.

These fragile art forms pack vibrant hues onto a lustrous finish. Splashes of retro color add some new perspectives for Master Chief, The Joker, Iron Man, Pikachu, and Obi-Wan Kenobi, all staring at curious guests.

For demonstration, the glass posters were also shown behind a dark background and under different RGB lights for an eye-catching concept. The posters are also frameless, while vendors also offer some optional accessories to help owners with hanging. Although CGM doesn’t recommend leaning them off the wall onto the floor.

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The LEGO minifigure you’ve been waiting for long enough.

Anime fans crave merch attack on Titan, Naruto, my hero academia And dragon ball could reach out to a few vendors that offer custom LEGO minifigures. Of course, these versions are not licensed by the company. But deliver a cast of characters that never made the official cut for a LEGO set.

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Minifigures like Eren Yeager, Kankuro, Perfect Cell and the not-so-colossal Titan also have a few extra touches that set them apart from existing LEGO products. While custom work includes special weapons, cloth, and delightful orbs of Kamekameha energy.

The minifigures each come with a stand to highlight each character in PC battle stations, cars or a real LEGO set. Vendors also sell them in tiny bags as an easy and quick souvenir at Toronto Comiccon. Yes, they also come unassembled to give buyers the satisfaction of bringing their favorite characters to life.

The “comic” portion of the convention

CGM’s favorite souvenir pick comes as no surprise to guests coming to get what they came for at Toronto Comicon.

A selection of comics – from the Golden Age series to modern day mini-series – are cataloged for guests to browse. Much of the exhibition space is devoted to rows of sealed comics. Unsurprisingly, there are countless franchises up for grabs celebrating comics and larger than life stories.

Prices also range from one, two and three digits for all types of collectors. We also found this timeless IP-driven commodity to offer the best value for money and a starting point for the casual comic book collector. This is a brand endorsement aimed at popular publishers such as Marvel, DC, BOOM, Action Lab, IDW, and Vertigo Comics. Readers can also indulge in standalone graphic novels and find a few miniseries in bulk from vendors.

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