The Best Pokemon For Solo Queue In Pokemon Unite

The Pokemon Company’s very first multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title, Pokemon Unite, instantly became one of the most popular games in the franchise. It offers both Pokémon fans and new players a sense of familiarity with a twist to enjoy the game. Pokemon games have long been designed for single player enjoyment, but now that MOBA elements have been incorporated into Pokemon Unite, solo play isn’t the most ideal, especially in a game that’s all about uniting.

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Luckily, there are a few characters in Unite who have the moves and abilities to help you enjoy and win solo queue matches. You don’t have to worry about gathering your friends to play or dealing with terrible random teammates, these Pokemon will help you get through the torturous solo queue matches in an incredibly fun way.


6 Gengar

Gengar, the Ghost/Venom-type Pokémon, is among the scariest Pokémon to face off in Pokémon Unite. Not because Gengar is a ghost, but because of his terrifying surprise attacks that deal massive amounts of damage. You have two movesets to choose from – Dream Eater and Shadow Ball or Hex and Sludge Bomb. Whatever your preference, both movesets are incredible at chasing down enemies, dodging skill shots, and eliminating targets in practically one fatal blow.

For single targets use Dream Eater and Shadow Ball while for group targets use Hex and Sludge Bomb. Either way, both movesets are strong enough to make you a pretty solid Pokemon to deal with. Once an opponent is caught by Gengar, the chances that they escape are close to a miracle.

5 Greninja

As the name suggests, Greninja, the frog-like Pokémon, is known as the ninja of the Pokémon world. Greninja’s incredible movement speed can give you an instant advantage whether you’re chasing enemies or evading them when you’re under attack. When engaged in combat, you can either use “Double-Team” to create copies of yourself and act as bait to confuse opponents, or “Smoke-Screen” to turn invisible and escape. or perform a sneak attack. Additionally, Greninja can easily dish out heavy damage without really risking himself thanks to its long-range attacks.

Greninja has all the ideal movesets you need when going it alone against opponents.

4 Venusaur

One of the best attackers in Pokemon Unite, Venusaur makes it easy for players to use different playstyles in matches. However, for optimal solo performance, the best moveset is Petal Dance and Giga Drain. This combo has a cooldown reduction that you can use when participating in battles.

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Petal Dance increases movement speed while dealing AoE damage, and if an enemy is caught by it, Giga Drain gains a 1 second cooldown reduction. As a result, Venusaur can constantly deal damage and tank hits while restoring HP, making Venusaur virtually invincible during battles. While it would be better to have an extra damage dealer or healer to assist you in fights, Venusaur will do just fine maintaining itself.

3 Cinderella

Cinderace is one of the easiest Pokemon to play in the game – it’s an ideal character for beginners. However, even if you’re already a master at it, Cinderella is still impressive with her great offense, mobility, and range. His movesets are designed for quick attacks, tracking targets, and escaping fights.

Cinderace’s unite move, Blazing Bicycle Kick, is great for securing targets, which is one of the most important things to consider when playing solo queue. It would be a big mistake for opponents not to eliminate Cinderace when they complete objectives. You don’t want a giant fireball to appear out of nowhere and steal your goals.

This bunny Pokemon will surely make you jump for joy after outsmarting opponents with its outstanding abilities, which despite their nerfs are still one of the most impressive in Pokemon Unite.

2 Absolutely

With Absol’s insane burst damage and mobility, you can gank your opponents early on, giving you an advantage in the later stages of the game. Absol’s ability to bypass opponent’s defenses and its high critical hit rate make this one of the most feared Pokémon.

Absol excels in whatever playstyle you prefer, although using the combination of Psycho Cut and Night Slash can eliminate opponents in the blink of an eye, the amount of damage is just incredible. However, if you’re caught in a losing battle, you can use Absol’s Unite Move, Midnight Slash, to retreat from the situation. At the same time, you deal heavy damage to opponents or even secure targets.

1 Macchamp

Machamp can surely make you a true champion in Pokemon Unite. Many players are afraid to get too close to Machamp due to his incredible physical strength that does serious damage. Once it unleashes its numerous hits, the opposing Pokémon will most likely be knocked out by it due to its high damage. Adding to Machamp’s already ridiculous power, its ability to boost it even further through the use of Dynamic Punch makes this Pokemon simply unstoppable.

Macamp’s unite move, Barrage Blow, is among the best in the entire game. Machamp’s stats increase on the first use, and on the second use it unleashes a series of powerful blows at anyone who stands in its way. Attempting to get close to Machamp in this state is pure self-sabotage.

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