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Google Nest Hub smart display on a desk.
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What to look for in smart alarm clocks

Waking up to a smart alarm clock can also help you start a more productive day. Research shows that 65% of employees in companies worldwide believe that better technology would help increase their productivity. When choosing our tips, we considered the following factors:

  • Sleep Support: Maintaining a proper sleep schedule that works with our biological clock is the main benefit of smart alarm clocks. This selection supports healthy sleep routines.
  • Speaker quality: Many alarm clocks, smart or not, also support music playback. This could be used as an alarm or for listening at leisure. Some watches are better quality than others.
  • Compatibility: If you have smart alarm clocks on your radar, you might be interested in other smart home technologies as well. A smart alarm clock that integrates with your other smart home technology ensures a smooth daily experience.
  • Price: This selection includes quality and budget-friendly options for smart alarm clocks. Whatever your budget, there is an option for you. However, certain features are only available with a higher budget.

Best Overall: Google Nest Hub (second generation)

Google Nest on a bedside table.
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The Google Nest Hub is much more than a classic alarm clock. It has a smart touchscreen display and plenty of features to help you fall asleep and wake up in the morning. The Google Nest Hub can also control other smart devices in your home.

For example, you can turn off bedroom lights, set alarms, lock your doors, and check your schedule for the next day. It can play quiet sounds to help you drift off into a deep sleep and features a sunrise alarm that slowly brightens the display and increases the alarm volume to help make your day easier.

Most Compatible: Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (Fifth Generation)

An Echo Dot speaker emitting a blue light.
Panthere Noire /


  • Supports display options such as time, alarms and temperature
  • Provides accessibility features such as gesture control
  • Allows you to set a morning routine that you can stick to
  • Affordable


  • Limited frequency range
  • Limited display options
  • No 3.5mm jack or USB port

Amazon’s Echo Dot With Clock is a great smart alarm clock if you have Alexa-compatible devices in the home. It can wake you up in the morning and follow a preset routine, e.g. B. turning on the light, changing the thermostat or announcing news.

This smart alarm clock doubles as a speaker and digital voice assistant so you can get on with other tasks throughout the day. Control your smart home devices with Amazon Echo Dot With Clock, check the weather forecast and set reminders to keep track of your daily routine.

Best smart home compatibility: Amazon Echo Show (second generation)

Amazon Echo Show 8 smart display on modern countertop

Another smart alarm clock from Amazon is the second generation Echo Show. The display helps you face the day more relaxed by gradually turning on Alexa-compatible smart bulbs. The Echo Show can wake you up with your favorite music, weather updates, news channels, or regular alarm tones.

Other cool Echo Show features include a 2-megapixel camera for video calling, smart home management, and photo slideshows. You can even stream your favorite content from apps like Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Prime Video or Apple Music.

Best mid-range: Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo smart alarm clock on white background.


  • Night-friendly display
  • USB charging function
  • Customizable alarm tones
  • Dedicated mute/snooze switch


  • The Google Assistant command cannot be customized
  • Average speaker quality
  • Chunky proprietary wall charger

The Lenovo Smart Clock might look like a traditional bedside clock, but it has built-in Alexa capabilities, a bright, large LED display, and a smart speaker for streaming songs. One of the main benefits of this particular alarm clock is the auto-dim feature.

The smart alarm clock automatically dims the display when the lights in your bedroom are off. You won’t be distracted by bright lights when you fall asleep, but you can still read the time. If someone else is in your bed, the clock has soft, clicky buttons that let you turn off the alarm without disturbing them.

Most Customizable: Hatch Restore

Luke restore alarm clock


  • Highly customizable
  • Supports a relaxing day and night routine
  • Offers a natural approach to sleep schedules


  • Expensive
  • Charges a subscription fee

Hatch’s Restore smart alarm clock has all the bells and whistles – it’s a bedside reading light, offers a sunrise alarm for gentle wake-ups, plays sounds to help you fall asleep and helps you create a personal sleep routine.

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This smart alarm clock includes a free Hatch Sleep membership that gives access to an extensive library of sleep sounds, meditations, soundscapes and more.

Restore hatch

The Hatch Restore offers rest and relaxation with a sleep schedule and meditation support for a calming day and night.

Best High-End: Loftie Alarm Clock

Loftie smart alarm clock
loft tie


  • Night-friendly display
  • USB charging port
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Supports a step-by-step wake-up routine


  • Expensive
  • No dedicated snooze button
  • Must use the Loftie app

Bluetooth-enabled, the Loftie alarm clock allows you to customize your alarms, wake up to nature sounds and has a built-in adjustable night light. It’s a sleek device that takes up minimal space on your bedside table.

You can even set a relaxation routine to help you drift off to a restful sleep. Some people avoid using smartphones before bed because they can disrupt their sleep cycle. The Loftie alarm clock has a compatible smartphone app so you can set your alarm remotely.

Loftie alarm clock

The Loftie Smart Alarm Clock is a beautiful premium alarm clock powered by the Loftie app.

Best Budget: Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock

Watch and iPhone by Emerson Smartset


  • Attractively priced
  • USB charging available
  • Easy to read digital display


  • Bad sound quality
  • Cheap construction
  • Limited Features

The Emerson SmartSet alarm clock is packed with features apart from a traditional bed model. It has a USB output to charge your devices, an FM radio and a dimmer to set when you’re ready for bed.

You can operate the alarm clock anytime, any day of the week according to your schedule. You can be woken up to FM music, news stations or the standard buzzer.

Emerson SmartSet alarm clock

The Emerson SmartSet alarm clock offers features you won’t find in traditional alarm clocks at an affordable price.

Smart alarm clocks for gentle mornings

Various well-known brands offer smart alarm clocks with unique functions and features to suit your needs. Consider buying one of the above models to improve sleep quality, unwind before bed and start your day on the right foot.

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