The Best Solar Titan Build for Destiny 2 Lightfall

In Destiny 2 Lightfall, playing a Solar Titan means becoming an immortal warrior who burns enemies and heals himself. If that sounds good to you, read on for our full Solar Titan build.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Titan Solar subclass options

In this build, however, it’s up to you which super or class ability you use Rally barricade has a lower cooldown, which must be taken into account depending on the experience with the build. What really matters here is which grenade you use. solar grenade is strong, but there are other good options. Just consider Healing Grenade when you take more damage than you recover from other methods.

For aspects we run Roaring Flames And Sol Invictus. These two allow you to heal yourself by creating sunspots when defeating burned enemies or when you kill them with Solar abilities, and you also increase the damage output of your Solar abilities. To get the most out of Sol Invictus, we use embers of wonder, embers of consolation, embers of scorching, And embers of the ashes fragments. The result of this combination is a constant state of recovery while your grenade and melee abilities recharge faster.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Titan solar armor and weapons

Any weapon capable of scorching enemies will increase the effectiveness of this build. A good option is the exotic hand cannon sunshot.

As for the armor Loreley Helm of Glory is crucial here. You lose the damage boost you would get from something like that Worm god caress, but the cure is worth it. The Cauterizing Flame perk creates a sunspot that heals you when you cast your class ability or when you’re critically wounded and your class ability is active.

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Destiny 2 Lightfall Titan Solar Mods and Artifact Perks

The mods in this build are chosen based on the concept of ability energy regeneration, which improves healing and damage. In the helmet slots you should go ashes to wealth which gives you extra super energy when killing enemies with grenades.

Harmonic Siphon is your best option in case one of your weapons is solar type. Otherwise, consider the choice solar siphon to generate Orbs of Power when killing enemies with a solar weapon.

Since we want to use our melee attack quite often, Practical is also a good choice and gives you super energy when you land a melee kill. in your arm slit, heavy handed works perfectly because killing enemies with powered melee attacks creates Orbs of Power. firepower is also another great mod for this piece of gear as it generates Orbs of Power when you kill enemies with grenades.

Melee Kickstart is a good mod for turning the armor charge stacks you get with other mods into melee energy. You can walk in the chest armor charged to increase the number of stacks of armor charges you can have by one, and emergency backup to gain more damage resistance if you feel like you’re missing it.

When it comes to leg mods, you can mix and match a few options to help your melee, health, and grenade regeneration, or just focus on a few of them. In any case, you should take a look at it innervation, better yet, And revitalization Class item mods generally interact with your class abilities, which works well as it will inevitably help us recharge abilities faster. Range And bomber Reduce melee and grenade cooldowns when you select an Orb of Power.

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If you have the seasonal artifact, you might want to take advantage of some of its benefits. Authorized Mods: Solar And Authorized Mods: Grenades are two perks that reduce the energy cost of mods related to solar weapons or grenades. There are also sunburn which gives You Armor Charge when you get a Firesprite. These aren’t game changer mods, but they can help.

That’s it for our Solar Titan Guide Destiny 2 Lightfall. Be sure to check out the rest of ours incidence of light Cover!

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