The Best Way To Groom Your Bikini Area, According To Strippers

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If you shave frequently, then you know how prone pubic skin can be to irritation, ingrown hairs and that cactus-like regrowth feeling. I was hoping that the professionals in the pole dance world, who are no strangers to frequent hair removal, would help me find ways to make my intimate hygiene a little more convenient and effective.

A Portland, Oregon-based artist who goes by the stage name Samara Luv told me her acumen lies in head-to-toe grooming (in addition to her incredible athleticism and dealing with social stigmas surrounding stripping). .

“Shaving is a ritual for me; I have to do it at least every other day,” said Luv.

Her shaving routine begins with an electric razor, followed by an exfoliation before using a traditional hand razor. According to Luv, this softens the stubble and lifts the hair. She also stressed that shaving with running water and a cream is a must — never dry shave.

“If I shave up against the grain, I always get ingrown hairs. Instead, shave down and then side to side,” Luv said. “You can even give yourself a runway. It greatly reduces the time you spend shaving.”

After that, she recommends making sure your razor is completely clean and dry to maintain your blade’s sharpness and longevity, and then opting to wear something loose-fitting or skip underwear altogether.

“If you want to minimize hair growth or don’t want to shave every day, let it grow. After a while, your hair will start to get thinner and thinner because pulling the hair out damages the follicle,” added Luv.

That being said, traditional strip or hard waxing may not be for everyone. A dancer and stripping community advocate, who goes by her TikTok name @behindtheheelz, said her skin felt prickly and inflamed as it waxed. Because of this, she swears by sugar waxing instead, which you can read a little more about below.

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The performer and TikTok creator also wanted to acknowledge that society’s relationship with pubic hair and our desperate attempts to erase all signs of its existence from our bodies can be problematic.

“In the dance community, there maybe [be] some [feelings of] Pressure to keep your bikini line baby smooth with no bumps or nicks — basically to make it look airbrushed,” she said. “Everybody’s body is different, and no matter what it looks like, I can guarantee the customer will NOT care. It’s all about trust.”

If going hairless is confidence for you, keep scrolling to find out what these dancers keep in their showers and bathroom closets to keep their skin happy and those pesky bumps at bay.

A highly rated hypoallergenic wet or dry razor

Luv said she starts with an electric razor and works down towards the hairline. This Panasonic cordless electric shaver, which has over 39,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, comes with a bikini trimmer attachment that can be used to remove multiple lengths of hair at once. Gentle on sensitive skin, the hypoallergenic stainless steel blades are built into a flexible, pivoting head that glides effortlessly over the contours of the body.

$49.95 at Amazon

A light sugar scrub before shaving

“I’ve tried a million other scrubs made for shaving, but this one prevents bumps and doesn’t irritate my skin,” Luv said of Truly’s Smooth Legend pre-shave sugar scrub, which she uses after her electric razor and just before a traditional one .

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This fuchsia scrub uses a blend of antioxidant-rich emollients like passion fruit and grape oil to slough off dead skin cells and pore-clogging products, while loosening hair follicles to reveal a fresh, bright canvas that’s shaver-ready.

$25 at Ulta

A nourishing shea butter based shaving cream

When it comes to shaving cream, Heelz’s number one choice is the nourishing formulation of the well-loved Eos 24-Hour Moisturizing Shaving Cream. According to her, this shea butter-based lotion keeps things super hydrated and flawlessly smooth. This cream also contains Shea Oils for an added nourishing effect that protects against nicks and cuts, along with Aloe to soothe and soothe sensitive skin.

$3.79 at Amazon

An easy-to-use four-cartridge razor

“I only use Dollar Shave Club razors. Their blades are smooth and easy to maneuver, and are the only blades I trust for my legs, armpits, and bikini line when needed,” Heelz told HuffPost.

The razors at Dollar Shave Club feature six stainless steel blades, a glide strip and a built-in precision trimmer, meaning fewer pulls and less irritation. The company offers a range of different affordable starter kits and monthly subscription packages that can be tailored to your specific shaving needs.

$10 at Dollar Shave Club

A bump-minimizing salicylic acid treatment

A dancer from San Diego, California, who goes by the stage name Mary B, told me that although she now undergoes laser hair removal, she still treats her bikini line with salicylic acid two to three times a week to help exfoliate it or, before the laser, the day after the shave.

Topical High Roller Ingrown Hair Tonic is a lightweight serum designed for use all over the body, including the bikini line. It comes in a handy roller applicator and features a nice infusion of salicylic acid that penetrates the pores to target any pimple-causing buildup. It also contains zinc, which can be helpful in minimizing skin irritation.

$26 at Sephora

A lightweight and fragrance-free post-shave lotion

B also recommended applying a moisturizer after shaving to prevent irritation and excessive dryness. Arguably one of the most popular daily lotions on the market, this lightweight, fast-absorbing and fragrance-free moisturizer from CeraVe can be a great after-shave treatment, especially if you have skin that’s been razor burned. Its hero blend of three essential ceramides can repair skin’s barrier function, while hyaluronic acid helps lock in moisture.

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$12.10 at Amazon

A sugar wax kit for the home

Often referred to as the superior cousin of hard wax, using sugar wax, also known as sugaring, is Heelz’s preferred bikini care method for a number of reasons, especially if you have sensitive skin.

“I love waxing with sugar because while it varies from person to person, I can usually spend a little over two weeks enjoying my wax and by the third or fourth week decide if I want to get my next one. I personally prefer it because it’s gentler. My skin is then waxed regularly and overall my hair growth has definitely minimized since I started waxing until now,” Heelz said.

This starter kit for growing sugar at home from Sugardoh, a leading sugar brand, contains a jar of three months’ worth of “wax”. It also includes reusable applicator tools and six reusable strips.

$50 at Sugardoh

A moisturizing shower gel that doesn’t hurt the skin

According to Heel, having a hydrated canvas from start to finish is really important, but being overly creamed before work can be dangerous as it can affect grip on the bar. That’s why she washes up with Olay’s shea-infused body wash “specifically because [it’s] gentle on my skin, leaving it feeling clean and smooth without fear of a dry knee or foot.”

In addition to shea butter, this rich creamy cleansing lotion contains blue lotus flowers for additional skin-nourishing power.

$6.49 at Amazon

Seven travel packs of highly rated wet wipes that prevent chafing

As we all know, skin chafing and irritation share a long, dirty history. To counteract this, Luv says she keeps a pack of baby wipes at work to wipe the inside of her thighs to prevent chafing. Even if you’re not at the strip club, having a pack of these hugely popular baby wipes on hand can work the same way. They have been specially developed for sensitive skin and contain 99.9% water.

$12.64 at Amazon

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