The Best White Sneakers For Men 2023

The best white sneakers for men are timeless and versatile, making them a real must-have in any shoe wardrobe. They look great with both casual wear and more formal attire. Whether you already own a pair of white sneakers or are new to investing in a quality pair, we have some pointers and top tips for you.

Historically, Keds was one of the first brands to launch white sneakers in 1916, but it was actually Converse’s All Star that brought the look to the fashion world in the 1930s. Now you can find classic and coveted options from sports brands to luxury fashion labels, all at wildly different prices. Ahead, we spoke to menswear experts and researched the top rated pairs that suit a variety of fashion needs and budget levels. Here are 9 of the best white sneakers for men. If you want to keep your sneakers clean, we’ve also rounded up the best sneaker cleaners.

Sizes: 6-18 | Upper: leather | Type: basketball shoe | Fit: default

Introduced in 1982 as Nike’s first basketball shoe with Air technology, the chunky AirForce 1 made sneaker history with its soft and springy cushioning. It remains a staple in any sneaker fan’s collection, loved across generations for its bold lines, perforated toe and understated style. Even better, they’re incredibly comfortable.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic

Sizes: 3-18 | Upper: Canvas| Type: Casual | Fit: Closely

There really isn’t a more American icon than Chucks. The elegant, robust and inexpensive shoes have been around since the 1920s and have hardly changed since then. The rubber sole and toe cap keep them looking clean and they go with just about anything.

Adidas Originals Men’s Stan Smith

Sizes: 4-13 | Upper: leather | Type: tennis | Fit: default

It has evolved from a simple tennis shoe in the ’60s (made of leather instead of the commonly used canvas) into a real style icon and remains a classic that can’t go wrong. Though production ended in 2011, it returned in 2014 and blew up quite a bit, seen by everyone from Marc Jacobs to Barack Obama. Why? The minimalist silhouette, with perforations where the brand’s three stripes would be, goes with everything and the leather conforms to your foot once you break these sneakers in.

Sizes: 7-14 | Upper: leather | Type: basketball | Fit: Closely

In the ’70s, Nike tested basketball shoe prototypes on the local team (the Portland Trail Blazers) and this was one of them. As the design of this model evolved, the name stuck. It still has an old-school look, feels timeless and has now become a lifestyle shoe that goes with many outfits.

Reebok Classic Leather Shoes White

Sizes: 3.5-15 | Upper: leather | Type: Sporty | Fit: default

The classic leather, which became popular during the aerobics trend in the 80’s, migrated to casual wear due to its simplicity and became a stone-cold competitor to Nike and Adidas. But beyond its retro appeal and pop-culture connection, the shoe packs some serious comfort-focused tech like impact protection for stability and breathable vents.

Joint projects Original Achilles

Sizes: 6-14 | Upper: leather | Type: tennis | Fit: closely

The no-nonsense, no-frills nappa leather tennis shoe is legendary, but it doesn’t come cheap. Introduced in 2004, the minimalist design has no branding whatsoever, save for gold numbering along the outer heel. Fans like that the sole is stitched to the upper, eliminating toe-holes. Considering how much you’re paying for them, it helps that you can easily wear them with a suit.

Modern grand crosscourt tennis sneaker for men

Sizes: 7-14 | Upper: leather | Type: tennis | Fit: standard and wide

Cole Haan’s tennis-inspired sneaker is for the man who wants to pursue the white sneaker look professionally and doesn’t want to settle for any of the usual suspects. Minimalist and understated, these sneakers have good cushioning for all-day support.

New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v13

Sizes: 5-13 | Upper: mesh | Type: Sporty | Fit: Broad

Wide feet often mean that you can’t always wear what your heart desires. But you can still feel part of the cool crowd because New Balance basically sets the standard in dad sneakers; You are the OG. Not only do your feet have room to spread out, but the soft and supportive midsole ensures every step is as comfortable as the next.

Sizes: 7-12I Upper: leather | Type: tennis | Fit: Closely

That’s what you get when pedestrian brands don’t, and you want people to know you can afford to spend upwards of $500 on your shoes. Crafted from Italian calfskin with a metallic sheen and featuring Saint Laurent lettering sewn into the side, they’re the opposite of quiet luxury.

The best of the rest

sizes: 7-14 | Upper: Recycled Polyester | Type: Sporty | Fit: default

These lightweight and breathable Swiss shoes were developed by three runners who wanted to create something that felt like walking on clouds. They achieved this with a cushioning system called “CloudTec” that absorbs shock and reduces stress. Plus, they’re super easy to put on and take off, and thanks to the smart lacing, you just have to tighten them so you don’t have to tie them.

Sizes: 7-14 | Upper: Technical network | Type: sporty | Fit: default

Hoka initially found its fans among the elderly, injured, and serious runners, but soon found a following among the hypebeasts who love the look of an ugly shoe. Its thick sole is said to resemble foam insulation and make it easier for the wearer to maneuver steep hills. These breathable, lightweight shoes aren’t just popular with cool kids, they’ll give you all-day support and comfort.

Allbirds Tree Runners & Reviews, Gentlemen

Sizes: 8-14 | Upper: Eucalyptus tree fiber| Type: Casual | Fit: default

Because of the responsibly sourced materials – even the laces are made from post-consumer recycled polyester – these are probably the most sustainable and socially conscious on the list. They are light, comfortable and easy to put on and take off. Reviewers praise them for travel, and their breathability keeps your feet cool throughout the day.

Sizes: 7-16 | Upper: Thread spun from plastic bottles | Type: Casual | Fit: default

These bright white and sustainably made sneakers feature a knitted upper that resists shrinkage. The terrycloth-lined tongue and padded ankle collar ensure great comfort whether you’re barefoot or not. And it’s easy to keep that white shine as they’re machine washable; Just use cold water, gentle cycle and air dry.

What you should consider with white sneakers


“The two factors that can cause sizing to vary are material and width,” says Derek Lall, a former menswear buyer at Hudson’s Bay. “If the shoe is made of stretch-knit fabric, you should be able to go your normal size, as the material makes the toe a little more comfortable,” he says. “For a harder material like leather, you may need to go up a size.” Some brands just run smaller. So if you need a wider fit, check out white athletic sneakers.


“Leather gives you the best comfort because it breathes and stretches and penetrates as you wear it to better conform to your foot—with proper care, it often lasts for years,” says Tricia Hall, a Toronto-based fashion stylist. “Woven cotton and knit shoes can also be great for comfort and breathability, but may require more maintenance if you want to keep them clean.” (See our guide to the best sneaker cleaners for highly rated options.) If you’re the If you like the look of leather, there are also vegan options made from apples, cactus and pineapple, she notes. Lall prefers stretch-knits for walking and leather for a more elegant look.

Where are you going

“Respect the occasion,” says Andy Chitty, manager of fashion direction at Harry Rosen. “Is this for the tennis court, everyday wear, or something you’re buying for your next trip where you might be doing a lot of walking?” Based on that, choose accordingly. “Take leather sneakers,” he says. “I recommend a minimalist white leather sneaker if you want to pair it with a cotton or linen suit in the summer. This would be a more sophisticated option than what a simple canvas sneaker or athletic shoe could do.” Either way, one of these will serve you well. “When I run errands, I wear sporty shoes and switch to my more elegant leather sneakers in the evenings,” says Lall.

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