The Conners EPs On Latest Guest Stars Making Set An ‘Actors’ Paradise,’ And Darlene Being Called Out On Her Snarkiness

Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t seen the latest episode of The Connersso be warned!

The Conners‘ first post-Valentine’s Day episode certainly wasn’t interested in post-romantic glow, as Darlene struggled through job interviews while Becky took a legally questionable crash course in Workman’s comp scam with the goal of wanting to be more of Beverly Rose’s current mom. But there were certainly some cute guest stars who emerged as instant finalists for Lanford’s Best Smile – an unofficial competition (for now) – Mother‘s Jaime Pressly and 30 rocksis Jack McBrayerwho made for a fun week of filming, even as their characters set Darlene on the difficult path to self-actualization about how others perceive her.

Showrunner and Executive Producer Bruce Halford and fellow EP Dave Caplan shared some insights about episode 514, “Adding Insult to Injury,” with CinemaBlend via email, and I don’t think it will come as a surprise to anyone to learn that McBrayer and Pressly were pure bliss .

Darlene meets with Jaime Pressly's tire shop manager at The Conners

(Image credit: ABC)

The Conners welcomed Jaime Pressly and Jack McBrayer to Lanford


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