The Cycle: Frontier – How To Get And Equip Attachments

The cycle: limit combines some of the best parts of the Stand out Play with the inventive mechanics of the border areas Series. The unforgiving world that seamlessly combines player-vs-environment gameplay with tense player-vs-player encounters where players can lose all their hard-earned loot upon death may sound daunting, but for players willing to take their… Learning systems and lovingly assembling your perfect weapon, it offers a unique experience. It’s also free to play, so anxious players can try it out without spending a penny.


A gun is only as good as its attachments, however, and the game offers players a wide variety of scopes, magazines, and supplies to attach to their guns. This guide will walk players through the process of purchasing, equipping, and using attachments on their weapons.

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What do attachments do?

attachments a The cycle: limit all have unique effects on weapons. The list below explains what some of the game’s attachments can offer, although not all are available in the same place. All of the game’s factions have shops with unique inventories, so it’s worth checking out all of their markets if you’re looking for a specific attachment.

  • optics – Allows the player to zoom in further when aiming their weapon’s sights.
  • Angled foregrips/muzzle brakes – Reduces recoil when shooting.
  • Quickdraw shaft / Quickdraw foregrip / Ergonomic handle – Equips the weapon faster when switching.
  • Tactical rear grip – Speeds up aiming down.
  • red dot sight – Adds a rudimentary scope to the weapon.
  • Tactical Light – Adds a switchable flashlight to the weapon.
  • shooting stick – Reduces the effect of recoil.
  • Light/Medium/Heavy/Shotgun Quickdraw – Reduced reload time for certain weapon types.

However, it’s worth noting that not all attachments can be added to every weapon. The shop page for each attachment lists the weapons it can be used on.

How to equip attachments

After purchasing the attachment you want, it’s time to equip it – assuming the attachment is compatible with the weapon players intend to use it with. all you have to do is open your inventory with the ‘i’ key. From there, the attachment screen can be opened by clicking on the weapon with the mouse wheel.

This opens the Attachments submenu; Players will have tons of attachments to choose from in the late game, but the filter system won’t be of much use for now. Newer players will find everything they need in the Attachments tab and can right-click to equip their attachment.

use attachments

Giving it attachments in the game’s various submenus is a good start, but if players want their newly equipped weapon on Fortuna III, they need to make sure it’s properly equipped.

Following the way they added the attachment, players need to open the inventory and right click on the weapon to equip it. There is also an opportunity to check gear status and purchase insurance for each gear before launching an expedition to the enemy planet. Therefore, players may wish to purchase insurance to protect their newly upgraded weapon.

Once the weapon is properly upgraded and equipped, the last thing players need to think about is bringing ammo with them so they can actually wreak havoc with it.

The cycle: limit is available on Microsoft Windows.

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