The Ethereum Merge Is Tonight—Here’s How to Watch Live


  • Ethereum’s merger into an eco-friendly proof-of-stake model is set to take place tonight.
  • The Ethereum Foundation will host a live stream featuring builders and content creators.

That Merge Ethereum is the biggest thing happening in crypto right now, and for our US readers, it is takes place late today– Currently scheduled for approximately 10pm PT on the West Coast or 1am ET Thursday for the East Coast.

If you were looking forward to it ether‘s looking to upgrade to an eco-friendly model and want to stay up late to see what happens when the electricity comes on proof of work network is merged with the new Proof of Stake networkthe Ethereum Foundation organizes its own live stream.

The Ethereum Foundation live stream will be hosted on YouTube, and the link is live ahead of tonight’s launch. It’s supposed to start about an hour before anticipated execution of the mergerwhat will happen to a given block on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Additionally, viewers who join about two hours before the expected merge can “participate in a POAP art canvas,” according to the YouTube description. This suggests that early viewers can claim a Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) Collectible that’s like one NFT Tickets for an event.

The Ethereum Foundation stream will feature members of the Ethereum community, including the Ethereum Cat Herders which provide project management support to developers as well as content creators such as Bankless and The Daily Gwei.

The Ethereum merger has been in the pipeline for years and has been extensively tested before the final main net reconciliation The actual process is expected to take around 12 minutes, with around 150 developers during that time will be on high alert to fix possible problems.

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The environmental impact of the merger is expected to be significant, with the new Proof-of-Stake network — where validators stake (or hold) coins and earn rewards for processing transactions — expected to be significant consume 99.95% less total energy than the current mining model according to estimates by the Ethereum Foundation.

It’s the first in a series of major upgrades for Ethereum, with future steps set to help scale the network to handle significantly more transactions at lower cost and reduce overall storage requirements. The merge was originally called “Ethereum 2.0”, but that name was abandoned in favor of rhyming names for each step: merge, swell, abut, clean and flaunt.

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