‘The Flash’ Gets Compared To ‘Top Gun: Marverick’

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The Lightning is one of the most controversial superhero films on the horizon, but despite all the signs pointing to a possible catastrophe, the film’s marketing campaign continues to insist that fans are in for one of the best cinematic experiences in recent memory. Some even compare it to 2022 Top Gun: Maverickand we all know that one goes down in the history books.

In other news, war of stars Fans argue that Lord of the Rings did a much better job of establishing the dark side of the force, although in principle JRR Tolkien’s universe had nothing to do with midi-chlorians. As we try to wrap our heads around the connection between the One Ring and the Sith Blitz, a last of us Criticism bordering on the nitpicking provokes the ire of his devoted fan base, prompting hundreds of people to raise pitchforks in Joel Miller’s defense.

Speaking of unstable online fandoms, the Marvel community continues to face the harsh refutation of Phase 4 and even the newest Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which initiated phase five. Amid mounting concerns, some fear Kevin Feige will resort to meaningless fan-service moments to fuel hype for what’s to come avenger Advise.

Check out all these beats and more in today’s sci-fi roundup.

We have Nick Offerman’s wife to thank for his last of us Appearance as Bill

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Nick Offerman was so busy initially that he considered turning it down The last of us. Luckily, his wife stepped in and read the script, leaving the man with no choice but to make time for HBO to film this episode. Actress Megan Mullally recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter and explained the situation: “His schedule was really busy and he loved the script but he was just so busy. And I said, ‘Well, let me read it,’ and I said, ‘You do.’ So he did.”

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Chris Hemsworth would probably prefer to hang out with his Asgardians of the Galaxy GotG Vol. 3 rather than that Thor crew

Thor love and thunder
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There’s no way around it Thor: Love and Thunder is now one of the weakest outings in MCU history. Such is the scale of the film’s failure that Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder these days is likely to fear for his character’s future. We’re sure he would have preferred to date the rest of the Guardians as originally planned, so it should come as little surprise that he’s brought our attention back to Asgardians of the Galaxy, who will officially go into the history of the Superhero cinemas entered as the team that never was.

Did Tolkien explain that better? war of stars universe than George Lucas himself?

Warner Bros. gives the green light for more
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You could find dozens of parallels between them Lord of the Rings And war of stars even without really trying. Both involve a world where good and evil are locked in perpetual conflict. Both feature a young protagonist (Frodo film, of course) who must ward off temptation and triumph in the face of her inner conflicts. For Luke Skywalker, this challenge manifests as the dark side of the Force, while for Frodo, evil takes the form of a magical artifact.

However, in terms of how well these worlds fill out the concept of evil, many people seem to agree that Tolkien did a much better job. Secure, war of stars touches on the corruption of power and the need to overthrow a tyrant, but when it comes to villains Papa Palps has nothing against Sauron the Deceiver. In a way Lord of the Rings explained war of stars better than war of stars.

MCU critics fear the day Avengers: Secret Wars gives them the most pathetic fan service cameo ever

Here's how to watch each Iron Man Marvel movie in order
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Even Marvel executives are starting to see something seriously wrong with the MCU these days. The new movies just don’t reach the same heights as the Infinity Saga series and the latest fiasco of ant man 3 is further proof that if and when Avengers: The Kang Dynasty And Avengers: Secret Wars arrive, the studio can’t wait to emulate the success Infinite War or endgame.

More importantly, Marvel simply isn’t able to come up with one anymore avenger Movie worthy of the MCU and its long history, so a lot of people take this to mean that the next two installments will resort to the shoddiest fan service elements just to ensnare fans.

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Do you think that’s an overreaction? You won’t when you’re imagining Tony Stark, Captain America, Wolverine and Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man together in one scene, with no chemistry just hanging around for the sake of it to give you those inevitable nerdgasmen. Only this time, the sensation will be meaningless because the story hasn’t spent time building up to this moment.

The last of us Fans were left in disbelief after an outlet accused Joel of not knowing how petrol is mined

Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us
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Before we explain, yes, you read that sentence correctly. Faced with the sheer size of everything The last of us as the adaptation gets right, it seems some people are willing to forego nitpicking just to pick out a logical flaw in the narrative, let alone the fact that the story’s lore is fundamentally rooted in unrealistic elements.

This time, Joel Miller is being criticized for not understanding how gasoline works. In one of the episodes, Joel and Ellie use nearly vaporized gasoline to drive their minivan across the wasteland. That shouldn’t be possible after all this time, but fandom berates one reviewer for just pointing this out and accusing them of needless sophistry.

The Lightning be compared Top Gun: Maverick excites half the fandom and confuses the rest

Sasha Calle in The Flash.
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With all the people getting upset The Lightning and Warner Bros. feel confident enough to present it at CinemaCon Top Gun: Maverick Before that, Ezra Miller’s performance as the Scarlet Speedster seems really poised to become the next superhero sensation in 2023. We still remain cautiously optimistic The Lightning‘s prospects, although the general consensus points to a very strong premiere. Who knows? Perhaps the Andrés Muschietti-led film can cash in on the DCU ahead of the planned hard reboot, thereby making James Gunn’s job that much easier.

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That’s it for now, but tune in again tomorrow for another sci-fi barrage.


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