The Latest News From Disney Parks, Universal Studios Resorts, and More Fan-tastical Destinations

Disneyland in full color.

Disneyland in full color.

We’re heading into peak season for the theme parks, spring break is just around the corner. Disney100 is celebrating its new shows and attractions at Disneyland Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood is about to let us play in Super Nintendo World, and Tronis about to open the grid at Walt Disney World. Elsewhere, Alamo Drafthouse has revealed his Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Menu for the upcoming Marvel Studios release.

Here’s the latest news from Disney Parks, Meow Wolf, Universal Studios, theaters and experiential entertainment!

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New Frozen animatronics

Elsa has a new animatronic for her attraction at Hong Kong Disney’s Frozen world. It’s such a relief that it’s moving away from face-screen technology, as seen in the Frozen forever Disney World ride that looked mighty weird. This one looks so much better and more in the style of the Beauty and the Beast Belle Animatronic at Tokyo Disneyland.

Frozen world

Drone Video: Construction Update from World of Frozen | Hong Kong Disneyland

Arendelle Village is coming! Here’s a preview of those Frozen-inspired land slated to open in Hong Kong Disneyland in 2025.

Tron Lightcycle run

FIRST LOOK POV: TRON Lightcycle / Run at Magic Kingdom Park | Walt Disney World

We are ready to enter the grid! Here is a POV preview of the roller coaster. Tron Lightcycle Run Scheduled to open on April 4th (aka 404).

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moon girl

moon girl

moon girl

Here’s a look at Moon Girl to meet for the release of Disneyland’s Disney California Adventure Moon Maiden & Devil Dinosaur on Disney Channel and Disney+. Find her in Hollywood Land.

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings

2023 Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Fashion Show | Disneyland resort

For those who want to look like a princess on their big day, here is this year’s collection of Disney Fairy Tale dresses.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventures

New art for the ride highlights the fictional team behind it Tiana’s Bayou Adventures.

Carnival at Universal Studios Orlando

Take a look at some of the Mardi Gras celebrations taking place at Universal Studios Orlando.

Super Nintendo World

Will you be attending the Universal Studios Hollywood grand opening?

Quantamania Arrive at the Alamo Drafthouse

Quantumenu is available now through March 1 at Alamo Drafhouse locations to celebrate Marvel Studios’ release. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Meow Wolf Texas

Meet Carlos Donjuan, a Dallas-based artist who connects the experience of the marginalized, who often have to live in different identities, with the myth of the community paletero man (ice cream man). His eccentric ice cream creations will be featured alongside other artists at the Texas Meow Wolf locations slated to open this year.

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