The Latest Terror Attack in Jerusalem | Gary Fouse

It has happened again. A terrorist has carried out a vehicle attack in Jerusalem, colliding with pedestrians. Three are dead including two brothers aged 8 and 6. The terrorist has been “neutralized” and I suspect he is dead.

If this follows the pattern of previous attacks, the Palestinians should be partying wildly, dancing in the streets, honking their horns and handing out candy like they just won the World Cup. It is disgusting.

As an American gentile, I am ashamed that under the current administration and a cognitively impaired and helpless President, our government is funding the Palestinians. Former President Trump had rightly shut down Palestinian funding, but Joe Biden has restored it.

And at what time. MEMRI TV has just released a video of an Imam in Anaheim, California (Al-Ansar Mosque) reciting the “Hadith of Hatred” about Muslims killing Jews on Judgment Day. This was reportedly posted on Imam Moustafa Kamel’s YouTube channel on February 1. Is it any wonder that attacks like these are carried out against innocent Jews in Israel and other parts of the world? I sent the MEMRi video to the local newspaper, the Orange County Register, and asked them to take a look. Lets see what happens.

It has been two decades since I first wrote that the focus for the resurgence of Jew-hatred in the US, thanks to pro-Palestinian activists and helpless university administrators, is on our campuses. I vividly remember the opposition we encountered trying to inform the local Jewish community about what was going on at the University of California, Irvine, where I was a part-time teacher at the time. This opposition also came from certain Jewish organizations (which I have mentioned in the past). Now, as we predicted, it has spread throughout our society in general.

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This incident should serve as a reminder that the primary responsibility of any government is to protect its citizens. That means being strong. Not just Israel, but also the US and the West. Other world events demonstrate what happens when we are weak. May Gd be with Israel.

Gary Fouse worked as an Adjunct Teacher at the University of California at Irvine Ext. Teaching English as a Second Language from 1998-2016. From 1966 to 1968 he served three years with the US Army Military Police in Erlangen, Germany. 1970-1973 detective with US Customs 1973-1995 detective with the Drug Enforcement Administration. Stationed in Los Angeles, Bangkok, Milan, Italy, Pittsburgh and Training Office, FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia until retirement. Author of Erlangen-An American’s History of a German Town-University Press of America 2005. The Story of Papiamentu- A Study in Slavery and Language, University Press of America, 2002. The Languages ​​​​of the Former Soviet Republics-Their History and Development, University Press of America, 2000.


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