The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon: Release Date, Cast, Latest News, and More

the Walking Dead The show may be over, but The Walking Dead, the franchise, lives on. Alongside Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) upcoming spin-off, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) is getting his own appropriately named spin-off The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. And get this: He’s going to Paris! Holy Blue! Don’t worry, there will still be zombies over there, but it sounds like this spin-off will have its own unique tone and stand out from the rest of the franchise.

Reedus, always his own hype man for his projects, is excited about it. “It will Away different. The story is different. The characters are very different. There is a different sound, there is a different light, there is a different sound. It’s a very different vibe,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s going to be damn epic.”

Here’s everything you need to know The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Season 1 including what it’s about, when we can see it and who’s in it.

Norman Reedus, the Walking Dead


Latest The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon News

Five new cast members were added to the series. Anne Charier (The final deadly mission), Eriq Ebanouey (fox hunting)Laika Blanc Francard (my night), Romain Levi (The tunnel) and Louis Puech Scigliuzzi have landed regular series roles, according to Deadline. Details about their characters are not yet known.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon release date

We don’t have a firm premiere date for yet The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, but we do know that unless there’s a delay, AMC and AMC+ will come in 2023. At this year’s Television Critics Association winter press tour, AMC announced that Daryl Dixon will be arriving “later this year.” That makes it the third the Walking Dead Series coming in 2023, after that Fear the walking death Season 8 (May 14) and the new series Maggie and Negan The Walking Dead: Dead City (open June). Given those premiere dates, that’s reasonable Daryl Dixon Premiere in autumn or winter.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Plot

Emily isn’t the only misplaced American in Paris. In a bizarre turn of events, Daryl Dixon, who we last saw driving off on his motorbike to look for Rick and Michonne, somehow ends up in France Daryl Dixon. Obviously the “how” he gets there will be critical and potentially hilarious given that there’s an ocean between where he was last seen and where he lands, but we don’t know that detail yet. Here is AMC’s official logline: “In The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, Daryl washes ashore in France and tries to figure out how he got there and why. The series follows his journey through a fractured but resilient France as he hopes to find a way back home. As he embarks on the journey, the connections he makes along the way complicate his ultimate plan.”

In a statement, Walking Dead boss Scott Gimple added, “Daryl Dixon in France, a loner unable to navigate this new dangerous world on his own, facing vicious enemies and never-before-seen threats from the undead zombies with.” Baguettes maybe? Deadline said when announcing new cast members, “Set after the end of the series TWD, The Reedus-led spin-off finds the zombie apocalypse fan-favorite transported across the Atlantic to France and a whole new level of a world gone mad.” It doesn’t get crazier than a zombie chasing you with a baguette!

The series was originally intended to be a trucker’s dream, with Melissa McBride reprising her role as Carol on the series opposite Daryl von Reedus. But due to logistical issues caused by filming the series in France, McBride dropped out and the series was remastered to become a solo adventure for Daryl.

How many episodes will The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon be season 1?

According to a Wikipedia note with no source, Daryl Dixon will be short at just six episodes. But hey, remember which other first season only had six episodes in its first season? Yes, the Walking Dead. However, we are still awaiting confirmation of this Daryl Dixon will be six episodes long so hang in there.

Where is The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon filmed?

AMC keeps things authentic. Filming began in October 2022 in France.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon pour

With this series expanding to a whole new continent, don’t expect to see many familiar faces from the Walking Dead franchise. And since the show is set in France, don’t expect many well-known American actors either. However, at New York Comic Con 2022, Reedus teased that his show would feature “a lot of familiar faces.” Reedus is known for being over the top at times, and we’re still circled over how He may end up in France, not to mention other “familiar faces” so we’ll just have to wait and see.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon main cast

  • Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon
  • Clemence Poésy as Isabella
  • Adam Nagaitis as Quinn
  • Anne Charrier as Genet
  • Eriq Ebanouey as Fallou
  • Laika Blanc Francard as Sylvie
  • Romain Levi as Codron
  • Louis Puech Scigliuzzi as Laurent

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon showrunners and crew

Angela Kang, who took on show running duties the Walking Dead towards the end of its run was originally set to take things further Daryl Dixon. But in April 2022, Kang resigned and was replaced by HE Veterinarian David Zabel. Gimple, Kang, Reedus and Greg Nicotero are on board as executive producers.

where to see the Walking Dead

the Walking Dead can be streamed on Netflix.


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