The ‘Warrior Nun’ Fandom Turns to a New Streamer for Salvation, as a First Glimpse at ‘the Little Mermaid’ Revives a Long-forgotten Connection

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Disney fans The little mermaid have been eagerly awaiting a trailer for months as the film’s live-action release draws ever closer.

They finally got their wish during the Academy Awards on Sunday night, and talks have taken two paths in the hours since. People love or hate the look of the upcoming Disney release, but one element seems to be universally popular. What appears to be a more concrete look at the character of Ursula is delighting fans, especially as the film will feature a largely unknown detail of the story.

Netflix continues its downward trend as even more unpopular decisions anger viewers on the OG streamer. warrior nun‘s cancellation came months ago, but fans of the fantasy Series remain angry and could turn their backs on Netflix forever. They have their sights set on greener pastures and more inviting platforms.

Of course, news about the streamer isn’t all bad. Even when it stumbles with the cancellation of beloved series and the recasting of fan-favorite roles, it manages to at least find occasional success in hosting popular releases. Netflix was quick to give partial credit to Guillermo del Toro’s big win at the 2023 Oscars, despite the streamer’s sheer connection to the film.

Ursula and Ariel’s relationship gets an upgrade in Disney’s live-action remake

Ursula - The Little Mermaid
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Ursula was always a vital figure in The little mermaid, but it looks like a long-forgotten detail is finally making its way into the story of Disney’s live-action remake. Few people were likely aware of Ursula’s family connection to Ariel thanks to her absence from the animated release, but all signs point to her being included in the 2023 remake. Ursula’s status as Ariel’s aunt was removed from the 1989 original, but star Halle Bailey’s reference to the characters’ “maternal” bond suggests it’s returning for the re-release.

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The campaign to save warrior nun takes on a new target

warrior nun
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The more distance the warrior nun Fandom puts between them and the show’s cancellation in November 2022, the worse the show’s prospects become. Despite this, the campaign to save the show intensifies as fans consider an alternative option. Instead of pushing Netflix to renew the series, fans are instead focusing on Apple TV Plus, which they think could be a perfect home for the story. The streamer’s commitment to quality over quantity could be well served by a show that’s in such high demand.

Netflix congratulates itself on Guillermo del Toro’s big wins

Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio
Image via Netflix

Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro won a grand prize at last night’s Oscars, taking home the Best Picture, Best Director and Best Animated Feature awards Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro. The night helped del Toro make history as the first person to win this trio of awards, and Netflix was quick to join in the celebration. After del Toro’s win, it gave itself a hearty pat on the back and made sure everyone remembers who backed the director’s recent win.


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