The Weather Network – How to keep your kids warm on Halloween without ruining their look

Despite the best of intentions of little ghouls and goblins across the land, Halloween weather often disappoints millions of trick-or-treaters. Think of the gusty autumn storms, the torrential rain, and the even scarier…snow! boo!

If Mother Nature doesn’t want to collaborate with outdoor plans in your area, here are 10 not-so-scary tips for keeping your little minions warm and safe without compromising their looks—and keeping all the mummies and Draculas happy, too!

1. Combine thermal leggings, tank tops and undershirts under her costume. Even costumes that you wouldn’t believe could be warm can be paired with layers.

2. Long gloves could add the extra hand you need to stay warm.

3. Make the hat or wig part of the costume. You can even hide a hat in a big wig with double-sided tape.

4. Choose a costume that you can add layers to. Fortunately, most children’s costumes can work with multiple layers. Coats and robes are an easy solution to add warmth to most costumes and can work for almost any costume idea. Witches, vampires, knights, princesses, soldiers, and space characters can all rock a cloak. Onesies and rompers easily double up as costumes and have plenty of built-in warmth right from the start.

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5. A see-through poncho or rain cape. There are other ways to waterproof your costume if an umbrella would spoil your child’s looks; Capes and clear plastic ponchos can work wonders.

6. Buy one size larger. Buy something one size larger than your normal clothing. This will help keep them comfortable no matter how spooky the weather gets. Then you can hide a coat under a costume instead.

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7. Be careful with masks – When walking up and down driveways and stairs, a mask may interfere with your little pumpkin’s ability to see clearly. Opt for makeup or a partial mask that doesn’t obstruct vision.

8. Get them moving. Dance to the monster porridge and make a game going from house to house. Adding some physical fun to Halloween night will mitigate any unexpected weather issues.

9. Bring a warm drink. A thermos full of hot chocolate, apple cider, or even warm soup can work wonders when it’s chilly. That means warmth for little wizards and witches from within.

10. Drive from treat to treat. In the end, when the weather is really scary, getting in the car and driving from destination to destination will ensure everyone enjoys their night (and candy) without the weather getting in the way.

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