‘The Winds of Winter’ Cover Allegedly Leaks as Book Readers Pick Their Top 100 Fantasy Books of All Time

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house of the dragon might have redeemed Westeros after the finale’s epic failure game of Thrones season but the fandom is still sweating at the absolute lack of news and updates regarding George RR Martin’s sixth A Song of Ice and Fire Roman, which has been in the wings for more than a decade. Now an official Westerosi illustrator has published a cover artwork for The Winds of Winterand the fandom has understandably run amok with speculation.

Also, the collective high fantasy community on social media took part in another poll to determine the top 100 fantasy books of all time. The list goes on, measuring some 300 works by different authors over the years, and you’ll no doubt find many well-known, not to mention popular, names in the top 50 spots.

Finally, we take a look at Viserys I Targaryen and his controversial reign Fire & Blood novel and try to rank the most emotional ones attack on Titan Episodes now that MAPPA has made it clear that they will keep us waiting a few more months for the final chapter of the story. Check out all of these below.

The Winds of Winter Cover artwork has been leaked online, but is it the legitimate design and does it mean the book is close to release?

Image via HBO

The Winds of Winter should come out before game of Thrones Season 7, and while we already knew Martin would never finish his book series before the HBO adaptation, fans still had hope of seeing the sixth book in 2016. Now another six years have passed and the novelist has yet to give us any clues as to the release date.

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An artist recently posted cover artwork for on social media The Winds of Winter that looks legit in every way. In addition, the person concerned is a civil servant Song of Ice and Fire Illustrator, having previously worked on The Rise of the Dragon. George RR Martin currently opts for Funkstille, while the artist has neither confirmed nor denied that this is the official and final cover. As you can imagine, the fandom there had to take a moment lest they give themselves a heart attack from the excitement.

A fantasy blockbuster from the Far East has enjoyed streaming success five years after its release

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The story of the legendary Monkey King has been adapted for live action so many times that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell them apart. All in all, though, director Derek Kwok’s 2017 flick remains a commendable achievement. The film may not revolutionize the story in any way, but people streaming it still find it an enjoyable viewing experience. According to FlixPatrol, Wu Kongor Immortal Demon Slayer: The Legend of Wu Kong, is in the top 10 most viewed films in half a dozen countries. So if you’re craving some mindless fantasy action hype, grab a bucket of popcorn and fire up Netflix.

Here are the top 100 best fantasy book series of all time, according to folk on social media

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Genre filmmaking has made fantasy a prominent form of storytelling these days, but its most die-hard fans would still swear by the literary medium that spawned most of these adaptations. In a recent poll on the official fantasy subreddit, people picked their best fantasy book series of all time for 2023, and you can check them out here.

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Unsurprisingly, many popular worlds make the top 10, including George RR Martin’s game of Thrones and JRR Tolkien’s Middle-earth. However, what might come as a shock is the fact that neither of them managed to claim first place. That honor now belongs to Brandon Sanderson The Stormlight Archive, a 10-novel book series in his larger Cosmere universe. The author caused quite a stir last year when he launched the most successful Kickstarter of all time, promoting five novels he had secretly written and another series by himself. Mistbornhas also conquered fifth place on this list.

Other strong contenders are First Law, The wheel of time, kingdom of the ancients, DiscworldAnd malazan, which should come as no surprise to those in the know. Don’t worry, though, because if you look further down the list, you’ll find many of your favorite stories — like dune, Red Rise, The Kingkiller Chronicle, The Witcherand even Harry Potter – have made it, even if they are not necessarily on everyone’s lips anymore.

The 10 times attack on Titan screamed our eyes out just because it could

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attack on Titan does two things very well. One leaves his fandom absolutely flabbergasted after a twist. The other, and perhaps more damaging of the two from a mental health perspective, is traumatizing them from the character they love. Well, everyone Shingeki no KyojinThe polished storytelling elements of come together in one final battle, but before we get to that in a few months, let’s take a look at some of the story’s most emotional moments. You already know most of these moments, but if you still want shinzou sasageyo shinzou, go to this link and relive them for yourself.

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A house of the dragon Question Explained: Was Viserys a good king in the annals of Westeros?

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Some called him the young king. Some tried to manipulate him and survived to have better minds. Some even considered him a worthy successor to Jaehaerys I the Wise – essentially the greatest king in the history of Westeros – when he reigned. But whatever you may think of his presence house of the dragon, it seems that the story of Viserys and his absolute bungling of the political situation that led to the Dance of the Dragons, the most destructive civil war in the annals of the Seven Kingdoms, is not generally too kind. We’ve gone over the young king’s reign and tried to pin down his virtues and his sins, so check it out if you have a minute.


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