The World’s Best Snowmobile Destination campaign driving visitors to Northern Ontario

As Northern Ontario continues to dominate the Ontario snowmobile scene with consistent snow, low temperatures, quality care and trailside hospitality, efforts are being made to make it even better.

The World’s Best Snowmobile Destination project, designed by Destination Northern Ontario, began in 2015 as a collaborative method to firmly establish Northeastern Ontario as the premier snowmobile destination.

Destination Northern Ontario and its funding partners have recognized snowmobiling as a core product of winter tourism and are supporting the development, refinement and marketing of snowmobile products for the next three years. The ultimate goal of World’s Best Snowmobile Destination is to provide visitors with the most memorable and highest quality snowmobile experience possible.

Drive north

Ride the North is the hallmark behind the development work of the world’s premier snowmobiling destination and on a journey to provide snowmobilers with unbeatable driving experiences.

In recent years, the initiative has gained momentum and is making significant strides for the future of recreational snowmobiling in Ontario. The result is a first class tobogganing experience throughout the winter season.

The future for the world’s premier snowmobile destination in northern Ontario looks bright. Snowmobiling is a popular winter activity, and as long as the destination continues to offer excellent hiking trails, services, and facilities, it will likely remain a popular snowmobiling destination.

The World’s Best Snowmobile Destination Committee is taking the appropriate next steps to determine which loop and/or trail network in Districts 14 and 15 should be certified as world best and is working with community partners to ensure the best possible Experience for one driver is offered.

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An important part of tourism in Northern Ontario

The snowmobile industry is a major economic contributor to many communities in Northern Ontario. Snowmobiling brings tourism revenue through the sale of snowmobile rentals, trail passes, and other related services.

Additionally, many local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and gas stations rely on the snowmobile season to boost sales. It’s a region (if Mother Nature cooperates) where hiking trails can open as early as mid-December and in some areas close for two weeks into April. Being known as the world’s top snowmobile destination could attract even more tourists to the region and boost the local economy.

With over 30,000 km of groomed trails prescribed by the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC), Northern Ontario has the perfect piece of land for all your snowmobiling needs. From snowmobilers to hotels, restaurants and shops, you don’t have to travel far to have the experience of a lifetime. Northern Ontario is the ideal place for your winter sledding vacation.

It’s time to start planning your Ride the North adventure. For more information, visit The World’s Best Snowmobile Destination.

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