Theon Design reveals latest 964 Porsche 911 restomod

Theon Design is riding the wave of Porsche 911 restomod popularity with its restored 964s, and its latest order – dubbed ITA001 – has been revealed as a discreet but heavily revised version of the icon.

Destined for Italy, this Theon Design 911 is based on a 964 Carrera 4 chassis that has been completely dismantled, reinforced and restored. The shell is clad in bespoke carbon body panels that have been sympathetically reformed to evoke classic long-nosed 911s – albeit with wider hips reminiscent of later G-series cars.

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Black black – an official Porsche color – was chosen for the ITA001, contrasting with satin carbon fiber trim and gray Porsche lettering along the sills. A set of 18-inch Fox wheels fill out those muscular new arches.

The modifications run deeper than superficially. A naturally aspirated 4-liter flat-six is ​​at the heart of the ITA001, producing 400 hp and 315 lb ft thanks to motorsport-derived upgrades: independent Jenvey throttle bodies, a new intake plenum and a redesigned ceramic-coated exhaust each contribute to the final performance while a dual mass flywheel was selected to maintain courtesy for road use.

The ITA001’s six-speed manual transmission was borrowed from an original 993 RS, rather than the five-speed G50 unit typically used on 911 restomods. There’s a limited-slip differential built into the gearbox, and the car’s braking system is also borrowed from the 993 RS, with five-stage, electronically adjustable dampers supplied by TracTive.

Theon’s latest creation weighs in at just 1152kg (wet) – that’s considerably less than a standard 964 Carrera 2, despite the ITA001’s more lavish cabin and modern luxury. The interior is finished in tobacco leather and satin carbon, with Recaro front seats and bespoke touring buckets in the rear resembling those on the 928. The customer has also specified a six-speaker Focal sound system that offers Bluetooth connectivity with a wireless charging pad integrated into the dashboard to round out the tech upgrades.

As always, such extensive re-engineering doesn’t come cheap. Prices for Theon Commissions start at £380,000 (excluding donor car and taxes) and this number can increase significantly depending on specific customer requests. Each build takes 18 months to complete.


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